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NYU sociology professor to lecture about the nature of race

Ann Morning, associate professor of sociology at New York University, will give a lecture at Washington and Lee University on Monday, Sept. 22, at 4:30 p.m. in Stackhouse Theater, Elrod Commons.


Ken Plum: The legacy of Bob McDonnell

I had no idea what to expect when the jury announced it had reached its verdicts on the charges against former Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen, but when the verdicts were announced I was stunned.


First meeting with Bob McDonnell

I first met Bob McDonnell in 2003. I’d not yet heard of him when he was introduced to me at the grand opening of a local Republican election headquarters in Waynesboro that fall.


Investment firm attempting hostile takeover of WWE?

Lemelson Capital, LLC, a private investment management firm, announced on Friday that it has taken a stake in shares of WWE and is calling on the WWE Board of Directors to replace the executive management team of the company.


Friends of the Augusta County Library celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday

Friday, February 7 at 3 p.m., the Friends of the Augusta County Library will host The Bard’s Birthday Bash, a special tea and program celebrating William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday.

Daily Rant | Deeds Downer

The Creigh Deeds campaign dismissed as “irresponsible” reporting in the AFP earlier this month that it was being criticized by senior Democrats in Virginia and D.C. for the way it was bungling its effort in the Virginia governor’s race. So now that the Washington Post has jumped on the bandwagon to say the same thing, […]

Deeds campaign rolls out web campaign on the McDonnell thesis

Today the Deeds campaign unveiled the Twitter handle “@bobsthesis” and companion blog “Bob’s Thesis,” a webpage devoted to featuring quotes from the 93 page paper and providing context by showing how what McDonnell wrote directly translated into how he voted in the legislature. “Whether he wants to admit it or not, Bob McDonnell laid out […]

David Cox | The thesis

Twenty years ago a Regent University student named Robert F. McDonnell wrote a thesis for his master’s degree. Unearthed by the Washington Post, it’s become fodder for the political campaign this same Mr. McDonnell, now universally known as “Bob,” is waging as a Republican for governor. His conclusions have drawn plenty of fire. In the […]

Poll: Thesis negatives dragging down McDonnell

Has the controversy over Bob McDonnell’s 1989 graduate-school thesis had an impact on the Virginia governor’s race? A new poll suggests that it has, and that it has the potential to do more damage as more voters start to pay attention to the upcoming state elections. Fifty-two percent of the 600 registered voters surveyed by […]


The 2009 fall campaign got its unofficial official kickoff down the Blue Ridge Parkway in Buena Vista at the Valley city’s annual Labor Day Parade Monday morning. “This is home,” Democratic Party gubernatorial nominee Creigh Deeds answered a Washington Post reporter about why he feels he will do well in the Valley in the elections […]

All you wanted to know about the McDonnell Blueprint

Today the Creigh Deeds gubernatorial campaign released a wave of paid media aimed at informing voters of the out-of-the-mainstream views and record of Republican Bob McDonnell. The campaign released a new radio ad running on Northern Virginia radio, a new website and a large-scale Google and banner advertising campaign.

The Regent administration

Monica Goodling. That’s what a Bob McDonnell gubernatorial term means. Remember Monica? The 1999 graduate of Regent University who was a top aide to Bush administration Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez? Sure, you do. She’s the lawyer from the class at the former Christian Broadcasting Network University School of Law that had 60 percent of its […]

A Deeds surge?

Two new polls are out on the Virginia governor’s race, and both still have Republican Bob McDonnell in the lead over Democrat Creigh Deeds, though the gap is clearly narrowing, to the point that one pollster is suggesting that Deeds could be surging into the lead. Deeds actually led in the two days of polling […]

Winners and Losers

WINNER: Jody Wagner Her campaign was going nowhere fast. Enter the Bob McDonnell thesis, which suddenly makes the lone “detrimental” working woman on either major-party statewide ticket stand out a bit. Memo to Bill Bolling: Repudiate that McDonnell guy, or face the firing squad with him.

The devil we don’t know

It wasn’t that long ago that Bob McDonnell was bragging about the grad-school thesis that he wrote 20 years ago at the age of 34 as being a blueprint for GOP action on welfare policy. Now he’s wishing he hadn’t brought up the thesis, since discovered in the Regent University library and shared with the […]