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Kai Degner for Congress announces Founding Principles Summit Series

Kai Degner announced the Founding Principles Series as the cornerstone of his campaign to represent Virginia’s Sixth District in Congress.

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Bob Goodlatte: Protecting the Fourth Amendment in the Digital Age

A lot has changed since 1986. Mail was sent with postage stamp, a search engine was called a library, “tweets” were the sounds made by birds.

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Bob Goodlatte: Time to lift the ban

Forty years ago, President Gerald Ford signed into law a ban on most U.S. oil exports. While many may have forgotten or never even knew it existed, this ban is still in place today, acting as a barrier to expanded American energy trade and production. After four decades, it’s time to repeal this outdated ban.

Interview Series: Andy Schmookler

Andy Schmookler is running uphill, perhaps, but he’s running just the same. The Mount Jackson Democrat is challenging likely Republican nominee Bob Goodlatte, a 20-year incumbent, in the Sixth District congressional race. It’s not easy to be a Democrat in the heavily Republican Sixth, which stretches from Shenandoah County in the north to Roanoke to […]

Andy Schmookler: You’re all invited

This coming Wednesday, Feb. 15, I will be speaking at the University of Virginia. The talk will be entitled “What’s Gone Wrong in American Politics (and How It Can Be Set Right),” and will be followed with a Q&A. The event begins at 6 PM, will be over by 7:15, and will take place in […]

Vanke gives Waynesboro a first impression

Jeff Vanke was a one-man campaign team at Sunday’s Summer Extravaganza in Waynesboro. It’s called retail politicking – giving people what one voter who Vanke, an independent candidate for the Sixth District congressional seat currently held by Republican Bob Goodlatte, met recently called a “horseback view.” “It’s just a brief impression, but it speaks volumes,” […]