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Goodlatte names chief of staff, district director

Congressman Bob Goodlatte has named Pete Larkin of Roanoke as his new chief of staff and Debbie Garrett of Buena Vista as district director. Both positions will be based out of the Sixth Congressional District.

Challenger raises issue with Goodlatte on spending claims

Sixth District Congressman Bob Goodlatte says he has opposed health-care reform since the earliest stages of the effort by Democrats that led to the passage of the reform law in 2010. Karen Kwiatkowski suggests that Goodlatte may think there are two definitions of the word “oppose.” “That display of opposition was apparently just for us […]

Karen Kwiatkowski: What does Bob Goodlatte really believe?

Bob Goodlatte tells us the Chesapeake Bay Program Reauthorization and Improvement Act (H.R. 4153) will improve EPA administration and effectiveness by giving states more control. It will not. Does the EPA overreach, cost too much, and use bad science in its pronouncements?  Absolutely!  It’s a government agency, isn’t it?  Beyond this, it’s no mystery that […]

Karen Kwiatkowski: A Visit to Freedomland

In the Sixth District of Virginia, we don’t much like government rules and regulations, especially when they don’t pass a common sense test.   The Constitution speaks of our God-given rights to be secure in our persons, property and papers – to live free.  This part of Virginia lives and breathes this valued sense of who […]

Karen Kwiatkowski: What Super Tuesday in Virginia really tells us

On March 6th, 5% of Virginia voters made the choice between a wealthy liberal from Massachusetts and a spunky Constitutionalist from Lake Jackson, Texas. While losing the state, Ron Paul won in the counties of Warren, Buckingham, Alleghany, Craig, Montgomery, Pulaski, Floyd, Patrick, Surry, and the cities of Lynchburg, Charles City, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and the […]

Karen Kwiatkowski: What does a primary mean to Bob Goodlatte?

The career politician who has represented the Sixth District of Virginia for the past 20 years, and who hopes to do so for the next 20 years, has hit a speedbump. He faces a constitutional conservative challenger who lives and works in our great Shenandoah Valley.  In order to determine which Republican will be elected […]

Andy Schmookler: People Power

One of my campaign slogans is “Let’s show how People Power can defeat the Money Power.” The issue of money in politics was the topic of the first piece I wrote that appeared in national media. This was back in the 1970s. There is hardly a policy issue more central to defining what America will […]

Andy Schmookler: American Values and the Christmas Season

Holidays offer us a chance to put our usual pursuits aside. But often, also, holidays provide a light to illuminate the meaning of our usual pursuits. So it is with this Christmas season and with our efforts to meet the challenge of the present crisis in America. Over the generations, the holiday of Christmas has […]

Candidate discusses campaign for Democratic Party nomination in the Sixth

Award-winning author and blogger Andy Schmookler has thrown his hat into the ring for the Sixth District Democratic Party congressional nomination. Schmookler, 64, said he wouldn’t be running for Congress “if these were normal political times,” but the Harvard and Cal-Berkeley grad and NPR and PBS commentator sees in the recent policy drift in Washington […]

Vanke defends release of push poll

Independent candidate Jeff Vanke is defending his campaign’s release of a two-question push poll that was touted in e-mail as showing him within four points of incumbent Sixth District Congressman Bob Goodlatte. “My campaign is not ’tilting at windmills,’ as one journalist asked me about,” Vanke wrote in an e-mail to members of the media […]

Fun with poll numbers in the Sixth

A poll commissioned by Sixth District independent congressional candidate Jeff Vanke has him within four points of Republican incumbent Bob Goodlatte. OK, yes, there’s a catch. The two-question poll, conducted on Tuesday, resembled a push poll, pushing respondents on Vanke’s central campaign message of balancing the federal budget, and taking shots at Goodlatte over campaign […]

Bain: Goodlatte misleads voters with fundraising letter

Sixth District Libertarian congressional candidate Stuart Bain is raising issue with a recent mailer put out by the campaign of incumbent Republican Bob Goodlatte that Bain thinks crossed an ethical line. “Goodlatte’s efforts to mislead voters are laughable. He is partly to blame for this economic disaster we’re in, and now he claims to fight […]

Sam Rasoul: Why I am not running

Over the past several months I have received scores of emails and inquiries as to why I am not running for Congress this election cycle. As many of you know, I was married for about nine months before I began my two year endeavor to give a voice to those in need across our district […]

Independents face uphill battle against Goodlatte

The Sixth District is a safe one politically, so safe that Republican incumbent Bob Goodlatte does not have a Democratic Party opponent on the ballot in the November elections, though there are two independent candidates vying for the seat. The challenge ahead for Stuart Bain, a Libertarian, and Jeff Vanke, a self-described “Independent-Centrist,” is pretty […]

Vanke joins Center Party to Modern Whigs

Sixth District congressional candidate Jeff Vanke has joined his new Center Party to the Modern Whig Party and has received the backing of the Whigs in his 2010 campaign. “The Modern Whigs are inspiring to me in purpose, earnestness, and steadfastness,” Vanke said in a statement. “Knowing the party as I now do, I would […]

Another Dem-less year in the Sixth

It had been 10 years since the last Democratic Party nominee challenge to Republican Bob Goodlatte when Sam Rasoul made a run at the Sixth District seat in 2008. Goodlatte’s 61 percent showing in 2008 was convincing enough to convince Democrats not to field a candidate against the incumbent in 2010. The question today – […]

Bain: ‘I don’t think big-government solutions work’

Story by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   One of the major parties, Sixth District congressional candidate Stuart Bain says, wants to tax and spend. The other “wants to spend, but they don’t want to tax.” “Both of the major parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, have progressive government plans. It’s just a matter of, do they […]