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Senate Democrats renew call for budget that closes coverage gap

With special session approaching, Senate Democrats drew attention to the outpouring of public support over the last two weeks for efforts to close the health care coverage gap, renewing their calls for House Republicans to negotiate on, or offer an alternative to, Marketplace Virginia.


Senate Democrats vow to fight for Medicaid expansion

After 60 days, the Virginia Senate adjourned sine die. While the General Assembly considered and passed many laws this session, Senate Democrats remain disappointed that Republican delegates refuse to consider or negotiate on Marketplace Virginia.


Steve Martin: Legislative update

The 2014 session of the Virginia General Assembly entered the home stretch this week, as negotiations to iron-out differences between the House and Senate versions of the state’s biennial budget began.

Democrat vs. Republican on white

Senate Democrats kill measure allowing legislators to defend state laws in court

The Senate Rules Committee voted Friday along party lines to defeat a bill that would have allowed members of the General Assembly to take the place of the attorney general in court. The bill was passed by indefinitely.


Chris Graham: Why did Senate Democrats kill the Tebow Bill?

Senate Democrats are crowing about how they killed the so-called Tebow Bill, which would allow home-schooled students to participate in athletics on public-sports teams. Congratulations for your hard work to deny opportunities to innocent teenagers.


State Senate Democrats killed Tebow Bill

The Senate Committee on Education & Health voted 9-6 on Thursday to defeat a so-called “Tebow bill” that would have effectively forced public school districts to allow home school students to participate in their athletics programs. The vote took place along party lines, with all Democrats opposing the bill.


State Senate votes to repeal required ultrasounds before abortions

The Virginia Senate voted Tuesday to pass a bill to repeal the mandatory ultrasound requirement that Republicans passed in 2012. Senate Democrats provided 19 of the 20 votes which produced a tie, broken by Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam.


Virginia Senate passes mental health reforms

Monday afternoon, the State Senate voted to pass SB 260, a mental health reform bill introduced by Sen. Creigh Deeds (D-Bath County) and co-patroned by senators from both parties.


Senate Democrats push gun bills

The Virginia Senate on Friday passed two Democratic bills that would curb gun violence. Both measures passed on a bipartisan vote, with strong Democratic support and several Republicans voting in favor.


Senate Democrats vote to protect women’s access to healthcare

The Senate Committee on Education and Health voted along party lines Thursday to report two bills that would protect women’s access to healthcare by rolling back restrictions enacted by Republicans.


Democrats reorganize State Senate

Senate Democrats reorganized the Virginia Senate on Tuesday, assuming the same majority status Republicans claimed in 2012. Following the elections of Senator Lynwood Lewis (D–Accomack) and Senator Jennifer Wexton (D–Loudoun), 20 of the 40 senators are Democrats.

Senate Dems oppose education cuts

Gov. Bob McDonnell has proposed deep cuts to K-12 public education and pre-kindergarten in his 2012-2014 budget. Senate Democratic leaders are raising issue with the governor’s budget, with one calling McDonnell “the most anti-public education governor” of the last three decades. “There is no way we should be taking money out of public education in […]

Senate Dems file suit to block GOP power grab

Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Donald McEachin filed suit on Monday in Richmond City Circuit Court, on behalf of the Senate Democratic caucus, to stop Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling from breaking an expected tie this January when the State Senate comes back into session and organizes for the next four years. “The voters elected 20 […]

Senate Dems: Share power, or we’re going to court

State Senate Democratic leaders said Friday that they will take legal action if necessary to ensure equal representation on legislative committees in the wake of Election Day results that have Democrats and Republicans each holding 20 seats in the chamber. On Monday, party leaders took their case to the court of public opinion. “What we’re […]

Senate Dems vow to fight if GOP refuses to share power

The Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus today announced its unanimous opposition to the Senate Republican attempt to claim a Senate majority even though 10 days ago Virginians elected 20 Democratic senators and 20 Republican senators. The Senate Caucus believes that with a chamber evenly divided between political parties,  power should be divided as well. Sen. Dick […]