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Poll: Support for Trump impeachment ratchets up

A week ago, 35 percent of Americans wanted to impeach President Trump. A new poll has a higher number backing impeachment.

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Poll: Hillary Clinton back in lead after conventions

A new national poll taken after the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention has Hillary Clinton back on top in her race with Donald Trump.

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Poll: Do voters trust Trump to name new Supreme Court nominee?

Voters, get this, Senate Republicans, trust Barack Obama more than Donald Trump to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court.


Real Virginia, Northern Virginia, and the New York Yankees: A case study

You hear pols talk from time to time about so-called Real Virginia, the part south and west of what we consider Northern Virginia, the extended D.C. suburbs and exurbs.


Webb, Gilmore, Cantor, Cuccinelli: The pols Virginia wants to forget

Remember ol’ Jim Webb, Jim Gilmore, Eric Cantor, Ken Cuccinelli? Of course you do; you once voted them into public office.

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Poll: 2017 Virginia governor race wide open

Virginia Republican voters don’t know who they want to run for governor next year, and voters in general are undecided on who should win in the fall race.

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Poll: Clinton, Trump running neck and neck in Virginia

A new poll of Virginia voters has the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump too close for comfort for either side.


Poll: Virginia voters strongly back gun control

A new poll of Virginia voters show broad, strong support for a variety of gun control measures.


Poll: North Carolina voters back repeal of HB2

Half of North Carolina voters back the repeal of the controversial HB2 bill that codifies discrimination against LGBTs, women and religious groups.

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Poll: Is John McCain in trouble in Arizona?

John McCain could be in serious trouble in Arizona, facing a tough Republican primary and more uncertainty in the general if he survives the spring.

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NFL is favorite sports league: But are demographic trends good?

The NFL tops the list of favorite American sports, but new poll numbers could signal trouble for the future of pro football.

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Poll: Obamacare a 2016 campaign issue?

Republicans would love Obamacare to be a campaign issue this fall. They will be disappointed.

Even Republicans don’t like Paul Ryan anymore

Remember when Paul Ryan was the Boy Wonder of the Republican Party? It ain’t 2012, or even late 2015, anymore.

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Poll: Trump won’t be the November disaster that you assume

Progressives assume that Donald Trump is going to lose in November, no matter what. New numbers from Public Policy Polling suggest otherwise.

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Polls: Hillary Clinton leads in 10 of 12 March 1-8 primary states

Bernie Sanders has leads in just two of the 12 states with Democratic Party presidential primaries March 1-8, showing the strength of the Hillary Clinton firewall.

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Poll: Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?

Americans’ loyalties are pretty much evenly divided this Super Bowl Sunday, according to numbers from Public Policy Polling.

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Hillary Clinton still has big national lead on Bernie Sanders

Several polls have Bernie Sanders with a big lead on Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, but nationally the Democratic race still appears to be Clinton’s to lose.

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Poll: Donald Trump lead narrows among GOP voters nationally

The inevitability of Donald Trump is eroding fast in the wake of the billionaire’s second-place finish in the Iowa Republican caucus.


Poll: Trump with lead in Iowa on eve of caucus

With Iowa ready to head to the polls on Monday, Donald Trump has a clear lead among Republican voters in the all-important first balloting of the 2016 election season.

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Tight race: Clinton up three on Sanders in New Hampshire in new poll

Hillary Clinton has a solid lead nationally, but a new New Hampshire poll has her up just three points on Bernie Sanders.

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Poll: Trump maintains big lead in New Hampshire

More polls have Republican frontrunner Donald Trump trailing in Iowa, but a new Public Policy Polling survey in New Hampshire has the billionaire leading big there.

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Poll: Plurality dismiss War on Christmas

Good news: more of you think the notion pushed by the right that there is a War on Christmas is nonsense.

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Polling fun: What makes a good Thanksgiving dinner?

We’re still two months out from the first votes being cast for the presidential nomination, so with Thanksgiving upon us, it makes sense to put our pollsters to work asking the real important question of the day: what’s for dinner?

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Guess who’s coming for dinner: Which presidential candidate would ruin Thanksgiving?

Public Policy Polling asked voters this week their thoughts on which presidential candidate would be most likely to say something stupid at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Your best guess as to who gets that nod.

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Poll: Donald Trump with lead on GOP, Hillary Clinton with big lead with Dems

The latest Public Policy Polling national voter survey has Donald Trump with a seven-point lead on Ben Carson among Republican voters.

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Trump, Carson neck-and-neck, Cruz gaining in Iowa: Poll

A new poll of Iowa voters by Public Policy Polling has Donald Trump and Ben Carson in a virtual dead heat, with Ted Cruz gaining ground. Trump was at 22 percent in the PPP poll, with Carson at 21 percent. Cruz was at 14 percent, gaining six points from an October poll in Iowa.

Poll: Hillary Clinton with solid lead in Democratic Party presidential race

Hillary Clinton has a still-healthy lead over the Democratic Party presidential field in a new Public Policy Polling voter survey.

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Poll: Donald Trump maintains safe lead in Republican Party presidential race

A new poll from Public Policy Polling has Donald Trump still up 10 points on the rest of the Republican Party presidential field, though there is slight slippage back toward the pack for The Donald.

Poll: Hillary Clinton still has strong lead among Democrats

A new national poll of Democratic voters by Public Policy Poll has Hillary Clinton with a strong lead over Bernie Sanders.

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Poll: Donald Trump widens lead among Republicans, with Ben Carson moving into second

A new national poll from Public Policy Polling has celebrity Donald Trump building on his strong lead among candidates for the Republican Party presidential nomination.