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Survey: 48% think next president should be able to speak second language

A survey performed in August 2016 by One Hour Translation indicated that 48% think the next U.S. president should speak a second language.

donald trump

Donald Trump: Ideological tests for new immigrants

Prospective new immigrants would have to pass an ideological test for admission to the United States under a proposal being floated by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton talks Trump

Democratic Party presidential nomination frontrunner Hillary Clinton talked Trump in a major speech on Thursday.

tim kaine

Tim Kaine: Trump would pose ‘unprecedented danger’ as commander-in-chief

Sen. Tim Kaine said Donald Trump would pose an “unprecedented danger” to America and the world should he become commander-in-chief.

2016 hillary clinton donald trump

Johnson, Weld nominated by Libertarians for president, veep

Two-term Massachusetts governor William Weld became the vice presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party.

hillary clinton

Clinton releases plan to limit childcare costs

Hillary Clinton outlined her vision to help working families afford the rising costs of childcare.

2016 hillary clinton donald trump

Republicans have a Trump problem: But Democrats have a Clinton problem

All eyes are on how the Republican Party is about to implode with Donald Trump all settled as the GOP presidential nominee.

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The short memory of Bernie Sanders

During his interview with the New York Daily News, Bernie Sanders was asked to specify the fraud committed by Wall Street banks.

donald trump

Trump’s toxic aggrieved-nation shtick

The key to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign — the feature that explains nearly everything else about that toxic dump — is his aggrieved-nation shtick.

hillary clinton

African American rural grassroots leaders endorse Hillary Clinton

Today, a group of 23 African American rural grassroots leaders from across the country are announcing they are endorsing Hillary Clinton for President.

2016 hillary clinton donald trump

Super Tuesday: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump win in Virginia

Hillary Clinton won going away in Virginia’s Democratic Party presidential primary, and Donald Trump walked away with a narrow win over Marco Rubio on the Republican side on Super Tuesday.

bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders shooting for $40 million fundraising month

Bernie Sanders backers were racing the clock on Monday to raise more than $40 million by tonight’s end-of-the-month midnight deadline.

2016 hillary clinton donald trump

Sanders, Trump both too establishment on Syria

Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton both want the U.S. government to set up a “safe zone” in Syria to care for refugees from the raging civil war.

Hillary for Virginia opens Roanoke office with State Sen. John Edwards

Today, Hillary for Virginia will open a Roanoke office in advance of the March 1 primary.

Zoe for President: Waynesboro YMCA backs toddler for White House

It’s presidential season, and the Waynesboro YMCA is throwing its support to an outsider candidate, a 1-year-old named Zoe.

hillary clinton

Eight Virginia mayors endorse Hillary Clinton for president

Hillary Clinton’s support in Virginia continued to grow today as eight additional Democratic mayors endorsed her in advance of the March 1 primary.

john kasich

John Kasich makes his case at UVA’s Miller Center

On Monday, presidential candidate John Kasich became the second 2016 presidential candidate to appear on “American Forum” at UVA’s Miller Center.

hillary clinton

New Virginia TV ads highlight Clinton commitment to equal pay

Hillary for America released two ads in Virginia, including, “Breaking Barriers”, which tells the story of Hillary Clinton’s lifetime commitment to breaking barriers.

bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders: The candidate the establishment needs

The win in New Hampshire for Bernie Sanders was expected, but Hillary Clinton is largely predicted to win the Democratic nomination.

bernie sanders

Sanders stresses economy, voting rights, courts in meeting with black leaders

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders met Thursday at the National Urban League offices with leaders of nine historic civil rights organizations.

bernie sanders

Don’t change the players, change the game

Senator Bernie Sanders describes his campaign for president as a “political revolution.” His appeal comes from his unpolished outsider status.

tim kaine

Tim Kaine: Hillary Clinton track record “head and shoulders above Bernie Sanders

Sen. Tim Kaine said Hillary Clinton is “head and shoulders above Senator Sanders” and the Republican candidates when it comes to producing results for the American people.

tim kaine

Sen. Tim Kaine to stump for Hillary Clinton in Columbia, S.C.

With less than two weeks to go until the First in the South Democratic primary, Senator Tim Kaine will campaign and Get Out The Vote for Hillary Clinton in Columbia.

jim gilmore

Terrible news for Vermin Supreme: Jim Gilmore quits GOP race

Vermin Supreme won’t have Jim Gilmore to kick around anymore. The former Virginia governor announced on Friday that he is suspending his bid for the Republican Party presidential nomination.

jim webb

Jim Webb rules out independent run for president

Former U.S. Sen. Jim Webb couldn’t make headway in his brief bid for the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

bernie sanders

Largest peace group endorses Bernie Sanders

Peace Action PAC, the political action committee of Peace Action, has endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) for the Democratic primary.

bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders breaks fundraising records after New Hampshire win

The Bernie Sanders presidential campaign on Wednesday announced a record-breaking fundraising period following his landslide victory in the New Hampshire primary.

2016 hillary clinton donald trump

Farm Bureau website following ag aspects of presidential race

The American Farm Bureau Federation has created a website, election16.fb.org, for anyone who wants to follow what presidential candidates are saying to attract the farm vote.

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Several Virginia Democratic leaders campaigning for Hillary Clinton today

A group of elected Democrats will campaign for Hillary Clinton at the Mount Vernon District Democratic Committee’s annual Mardi Gras event on Saturday.

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Poll: Donald Trump lead narrows among GOP voters nationally

The inevitability of Donald Trump is eroding fast in the wake of the billionaire’s second-place finish in the Iowa Republican caucus.