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Robert Hurt: Protecting taxpayers

This past week the Department of Labor released a very disappointing jobs report for the month of June. Our national unemployment rate rose to an unacceptable 9.2 percent and only 18,000 jobs were created. The report makes it abundantly clear that the economic uncertainty caused by out of control government spending, excessive regulation, and the […]

Chris Graham: Boilerplate on jobs

Private-sector job growth is stalling, the government sector is shedding – and the economy is stagnant. And this is the fault of … ” … out of control government spending, excessive regulation, and the continued threat of tax hikes on small businesses …” That from Fifth District Congressman Robert Hurt, repeating GOP boilerplate in a […]

Robert Hurt: Protecting jobs by defending Virginia’s right to work status

Over the past two and a half years, the Administration has imposed several unnecessary government regulations and mandates on the private sector that have destroyed jobs, stifled innovation, and slowed our economic recovery. Despite the fact that unemployment still stands unacceptably high in the 5th District and across the nation, the Administration continues to overstep […]

Robert Hurt: Promoting a sustainable economic recovery

A year ago, in the midst of over nine percent unemployment and a quickly escalating 13 trillion dollar national debt, the White House launched its “Recovery Summer” tour in an effort to gain support for its failed trillion dollar stimulus plan. Since the stimulus was signed into law, what we have seen is anything but […]

Robert Hurt: A pro-growth plan to spur job creation in the Fifth District

Central and Southside Virginians have made it abundantly clear that the most important issue facing the people of the Fifth District is job creation, and the disappointing May unemployment report highlighted the critical need for real change in our nation’s Capitol. For over two years, Democrats in Washington have pursued a failed economic agenda based […]

Transcript: President Obama on job creation

  Speech at The Brookings Institution www.whitehouse.gov Almost exactly one year ago, on a frigid winter’s day, I met with my new economic team at the headquarters of my presidential transition offices in Chicago. And over the course of four hours, my advisors presented an analysis of where the economy at that time stood, accompanied […]