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Perriello: End antitrust exemption for health-insurance companies

   Staff Report News tips: freepress2@ntelos.net Fifth District Congressman Tom Perriello and Congresswoman Betsy Markey will introduce legislation this week that will repeal the special antitrust exemption for health-insurance companies and medical malpractice insurance companies. The measure would end special treatment for the insurance industry that allows them to fix prices, collude with each other, […]

Profit motive is necessary for quality health care

  Column by Donald J. Boudreaux Submit guest columns: freepress2@ntelos.net Not long ago my wife, Karol, and I flew from Bucharest to New York City’s JFK airport. We had two hours to connect to our flight to Washington’s Dulles airport. We missed our flight, and herein lies a lesson about today’s raging debate over government’s […]

Whaddya Think? Health-care reform

   Moderated by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net Health-care reform is on life support, and the hand is reaching for the plug. Share your thoughts – good, bad or indifferent. Whaddya Think? Comment below. Forum moderated by AFP editor Chris Graham.

Webb and Warner owe Virginians an apology

   Column by Mark Obenshain www.markobenshain.com On Christmas Eve, while most Virginians prepared to celebrate with family and friends, Virginia’s two senators quietly broke faith with the Commonwealth, voting for the Obama health-care bill. In addition to adding an estimated 261,927 people to Virginia’s Medicaid rolls, Sens. Webb and Warner abjectly committed Virginians to help […]

Progressive group leads TV-ad counteroffensive

Responds to attacks on Perriello, Connolly, on health-care votes Staff Report With YouTube video A television-ad counteroffensive was launched today backing up U.S. Reps. Tom Perriello (D-Fifth) and Gerry Connolly (D-11th,) who voted for the Affordable Health Care for America Act and now find themselves in the crosshairs of the special interests and the target […]

Daily Rant | Hands Off What, Again?

Not my health care. What the shills for the health-insurance lobby want is for us to let them keep their hands in the cookie jar. They’re making money hands over fists, but they want us to think that we’re the ones who have something to lose if Congress does something in the area of meaningful […]

News from 1600 Pennsyvlania Ave.

Thursday, Sept. 10 Remarks by President Obama after Cabinet meeting THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. We just had an excellent and informative Cabinet meeting. Secretaries Clinton and Gates provided an overview of our current national security posture. Secretary Geithner discussed some of the — both promise and peril of our current economic situation. But we spent […]