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Virginia House Republicans criticize new EPA Regulations

Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates criticized the proposed Clean Power Plan rule released by President Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency Monday and called on Governor Terry McAuliffe to delay implementation of the rule because of the likelihood of litigation and the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down a previous EPA rule.

Wild Virginia: George Washington National Forest weighs In on Atlantic Coast Pipeline

On July 30, Tom Speaks, Forest Supervisor of the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest, submitted a report to Kimberly Bose, Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to “identify information and data requirements necessary for the assessment of project effects on National Forest System Lands” from the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP).”

Do orcas really live as long in captivity as in the wild?

SeaWorld has faced criticism and plummeting profits after the release of the 2013 documentary, Blackfish, which tells the story of Tilikum, a performing killer whale that killed several people while in captivity.

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Blue Ridge Parkway seeking biologists to participate in 24-hour Bio-Blitz

The Blue Ridge Parkway is hosting a 24-hour biological inventory or “Bio-Blitz,” beginning at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, September 18.

How is that being around trees and other plants can help us feel good?

Trees are known to improve air quality by capturing six common air pollutants and toxic gases: ground-level ozone, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and lead. In fact, a single tree can absorb 10 pounds of air pollutants per year.

How have been polar bears been faring since being added to endangered species list?

Biologists estimate that as many as 25,000 polar bears roam the far north these days, with two-thirds of them in Canada and most of the remainder in Alaska and northern Russia.


The business case for the carbon tax

An economy wide carbon tax would, far from being a burden, be economically beneficial for the United States in the long run. It’s time for Congress to create one.


City of Charlottesville releases draft Chesapeake Bay total maximum daily load action plan

The City of Charlottesville has completed the draft Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Action Plan to comply with the Special Condition of the Chesapeake Bay TMDL.

What is the best way to recycle my old and/or unwanted paint, primer and stains?

Extra paint can last for years when properly sealed and stored away from extreme heat and cold, and if unneeded, can be donated to organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Keep America Beautiful. But if paint can no longer be used, what are some safe, environmentally-responsible ways to dispose of it?

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Report: Virginia leadership can help an international agreement on climate

Virginia is gearing up to play a major role in U.S. progress to address climate change, a new report said today. In the next decade, the state will cut as much global warming pollution as 22 billion tons of coal burned annually.


Conservation groups call on Virginia utilities to expand clean power opportunities

Based on past plans filed by the power companies, Virginia is already 79% of the way to meeting its Clean Power Plan target for 2030. Conservation groups are calling on the power companies to address the three issues in the Integrated Resource Plans.


Businesses, labor, industry groups form coalition, show support for Atlantic Coast Pipeline

A diverse group of more than 100 businesses, labor organizations, and other local, state and national groups announced on Thursday the formation of EnergySure – Standing Up for Reliable Energy.

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EPA skips important climate conference

Over the past 20 years, the American government has spent millions of dollars sending representatives to United Nations climate change conferences. While the public are advised to walk, bicycle, and take the bus more to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions, hundreds of civil servants have enjoyed tax payer funded flights to exotic locations across the globe to take part in U.N. negotiations to ‘save the climate.’

Is there potential for kinetic energy to provide enough electricity to help replace fossil fuels?

Physicists define kinetic energy as the energy of motion (as opposed to potential energy, which represents an object’s stored energy). While there is not much that is practical that we can do with potential energy, kinetic energy is another matter.


Hands Across Our Land: Grassroots effort to take a stand on proposed pipeline

What began as a joint action between grassroots protectors of their communities and land regarding the proposed Atlantic Coast pipeline has taken on new life as groups across five states are considering participation in an action being called Hands Across Our Land.


Opponents state case on proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline routes

Thirty-five conservation and environment groups in Virginia and West Virginia have announced their opposition to the proposed routes for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), the natural gas pipeline that Dominion Resources and its partners seek to build from the Marcellus shale gas fields in West Virginia to North Carolina.

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Gov. McAuliffe urged to ramp up offshore wind power

More than 50 organizations, businesses and local officials delivered a letter to Gov. Terry McAuliffe today, urging him to push for policies that make offshore wind power, which has vast potential in Virginia, a key part of the state’s energy supply.

US Forest Service public workshop on Lower Cowpasture Project

Join Wild Virginia at a public workshop on the US Forest Service’s plan for the Lower Cowpasture area, a region consisting of both public and private lands located within Bath and Alleghany Counties.

Learn about Cove Point: Fracked gas export terminal

Cove Point, the the first liquefied fracked gas export terminal to be built on the East Coast, and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline are directly connected in ways that are both insidious and dangerous for citizens of Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia.

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Augusta County solar co-op seeks installer: Holding meeting to attract members

Neighbors in Augusta County have formed a solar co-op, leveraging their group buying power to go solar together and get a discount off the installation price.

Senior apartments in Richmond reduce carbon footprints

Scores of Richmond residents converged in Churchill Wednesday to learn about energy efficiency while touring Better Housing Coalition’s Somanath Seniors Apartments and Lofts at Beckstoffer’s, a local EarthCraft™-certified multi-residential property.

Pipeline threatening bald eagles in Augusta County?

Did you know that Augusta County has a pair of bald eagles nesting in Swoope? Last Sunday Michael Godfrey invited me out to Swoope to see them for myself. Last Sunday Michael Godfrey invited me out to Swoope to see them for myself.

How can I make my car more efficient for my summer road trip?

Ah, the summer road trip, that classic American experience. But long drives through steamy weather can burn through a lot of gas and cause untold wear and tear on your car’s engine and systems while putting you at risk for overheating.


Letter writer gets it wrong on climate change questions

Pete Kuntz’s letter smearing Tom Harris repeated the false Greenpeace accusation that astrophysicist Willie Soon“got caught secretly taking over a million dollars from oil corporations for his climate science denial services and lying about it.” Dead wrong.


VCU hosts Twitter chat with environmental allergy expert on May 29

Earlier this year, Richmond was designated as the country’s “sneeziest and wheeziest” city according to a report released by the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental action advocacy group.


Citizens’ Climate Lobby founder must rein in overaggressive volunteers

At stake are trillions of dollars, countless jobs, the security of our energy supply, and, if people like Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) founder and president, Marshall Saunders, are right, the fate of the global environment itself.


Obama administration issues rule to protect 57 percent of Virginia’s streams

Over 28,0000 miles of Virginia’s streams, including those feeding the James and Potomac Rivers, will gain federal protections under a final rule signed today by top Obama administration officials.

Western Washington University professor completes study of mercury contamination in South River

The South River flows along the western foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, coiling its way across farmlands and through small towns, marching north to join first the Shenandoah and then the Potomac before eventually emptying into the Chesapeake Bay.


Letter: DeSmogBlog is unreliable source on climate change

The letter by Pete Kuntz attacking Tom Harris is based mostly on misinformation from the notorious smear-blog DeSmogBlog. Desmogblog is a completely unreliable source, founded and funded by a criminal convicted of illegal Internet gambling operations and money-laundering and run by a for-profit PR firm in Vancouver, Canada, with clients who benefit from fears about global warming.


Close loopholes in Clean Water Act

Cleaner waters mean more prized fish and jobs for tourists and locals. Major loopholes in the Clean Water Act give a pass to the culprits costing us jobs and money. We need to stop this threat to our water.

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Climate change denial is a scam

The editorial “Obama misleads cadets on climate change” should have been entitled “Tom Harris misleads on climate change.” It’s his job. Canadian Harris and Australian Bryan Leyland, who co-wrote this editorial, are paid by fossil fuel corporations to deny real climate science (“DeSmog Blog,” one of TIME’s Top Ten Blogs).


How can I stop the deluge of junk mail the mail man drops off?

Junk mail has increased to a massive scale in recent years, with the average American receiving 16 pieces each week. While this might not seem like much, it adds up to weigh an estimated 41 pounds each year, according to leading anti-junk mail organization, 41pounds.org.

Virginia Tech ecologist partners with the United Nations to confront global water crisis

A Virginia Tech ecologist provided potential solutions to the world’s water problems in an article published recently in the United Nations’ Chronicle.

Where are the best places to live if global warming gets the best of us?

If temperatures continue to rise in the face of human-induced global warming as climatologists expect, some of the world’s most populous areas could become uninhabitable.

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Atlantic Coast Pipeline response to FERC scoping period comments

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC on Tuesday filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission its responses to nearly 28,000 written and oral comments regarding the project.

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Virginia Environmental Endowment announces $240K in natural resources, environment grants

The Virginia Environmental Endowment today announced awards of more than $240,000 to protect and improve the region’s natural resources and environment.

What is the Great Green Wall of China?

Unlike the Great Wall of China, a 5,000-mile fortification dating back to the 7th century BC that separates northern China from the Mongolian steppe, the Great Green Wall of China—otherwise known as the Three-North Shelter Forest Program—is the biggest tree planting project on the planet.

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For Virginia Tech scientists, saving the Chesapeake Bay is all in a day’s work

More than 150 major rivers and streams flow into the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia’s most well-known estuary. This historically significant body of water has also provided livelihoods for fishermen, recreation for locals and visitors that flock to the region, and of course has been a vital water source for residents for hundreds of years.

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How can teachers integrate sustainability topics into the classroom?

Teaching our kids about sustainability and green living is one of the most important things we can do to safeguard the future of humanity and the planet we inhabit.


Homeowners can help protect environment with native plants

Virginia homeowners can help protect the environment and the Chesapeake Bay by planting Virginia-grown plants this spring.