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Hanger receives national recognition for mental health advocacy

State Sen. Emmett Hanger (R-Augusta County) was honored by the national organization Mental Health America.

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Area lawmakers to hear student proposals on health insurance coverage

Rep. Steve Landes and State Sen. Emmett W. Hanger Jr. will listen to students propose solutions to the health insurance coverage gap for 400,000 Virginians during the annual Health Policy Summit on Thursday, Dec. 3, at James Madison University.

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Emmett Hanger backs John Kasich GOP presidential bid, joins Kasich’s Virginia leadership team

Augusta County State Sen. Emmett Hanger will serve as a Virginia state co-chair for the presidential campaign of Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

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Virginia Citizens Defense League releases pro-gun ratings

The Virginia Citizens Defense League released its General Assembly candidate ratings this week. 20th House District Libertarian candidate Will Hammer was given a “very pro-gun” rating, which is the highest the organization rewards candidates.

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Emmett Hanger wins Republican race in 24th Senate District

Emmett Hanger breezed to the Republican Party nomination in the 24th Senate District primary Tuesday, winning his three-way race with more than 60 percent of the vote.

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AFP endorses Emmett Hanger in 24th Senate Republican primary

Emmett Hanger bristles when it is suggested that he isn’t a conservative, for good reason. The 20-year veteran of the State Senate of Virginia has the endorsements of the National Rifle Association, the National Federation of Independent Business and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, among others.

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Letter: Re-elect Emmett Hanger to the State Senate

Re-elect the right man for State Senate. Emmett Hanger is that man. As his legislative aide, I know he’s truly serving for the right reasons. With our state government mirroring Washington-like politics, it is important we have a person willing to stand up for what’s right and most practical, not what’s popular or party-line.


Letter: Reader critical of Emmett Hanger on healthcare

If you like Obamacare, you will love State Senator Emmett Hanger. Hanger has been a key architect of Medicaid expansion which a majority of the General Assembly agrees will bust the state budget and result in budget cuts to discretionary programs benefitting education and veterans

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Emmett Hanger: We can do better on mental health reforms

May is Mental Health Month in Virginia. We have come a long way in recognizing, responding to, and treating mental health issues in Virginia but there is more to be done and it takes the work of everyone.

Moxley campaign files motion for federal intervention in nomination case

Republican State Senate candidate Dan Moxley’s campaign filed a motion for intervention in support of the Republican 24th State Senate District’s Legislative District Committee’s federal lawsuit against Virginia’s Incumbent Protection Act in the Virginia Western District Federal Court yesterday.

Republican Dan Moxley picks up another Senate endorsement

Republican State Senate candidate Dan Moxley has been endorsed by renowned property rights advocate Donna Holt in the race for the 24th district nomination.

Republican Senate candidate Marshall Pattie prepares for primary against Hanger

Marshall Pattie, Augusta County Supervisor for the North River District, announced his renewed commitment to seek the Republican nomination for the 24th Senate district seat for the 2015 election against incumbent Senator Emmett Hanger, R-Mount Solon in a primary to be held on Tuesday, June 9.

Dan Moxley endorsed by former Virginia Tea Party chair Mark Daugherty

Republican Dan Moxley was endorsed by Augusta County’s own Mark Daugherty today in the race for the 24th Senate District GOP nomination.

Dan Moxley endorsed by 2013 Republican lieutenant governor nominee E.W. Jackson

Dan Moxley was endorsed Monday in his bid for the 24th Senate District Republican nomination by E.W. Jackson. Jackson was the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor of Virginia in 2013 and enjoyed a hotbed of support in the Shenandoah Valley.

Dan Moxley endorsed by John Taylor of Freedom and Prosperity Radio

24th District State Senate Republican nomination candidate Dan Moxley was endorsed Tuesday by John Taylor of Freedom and Prosperity Radio.

Moxley raises issue with Hanger vote on transportation funding

24th Senate District Republican nomination candidate Dan Moxley condemned Mount Solon Sen. Emmett Hanger’s vote yesterday to side with Senate Democrats to kill SJ 217.

Former Republican LG nomination candidate Susan Stimpson endorses Dan Moxley in 24th Senate race

The Dan Moxley for Senate campaign has released its first endorsement. Susan Stimpson is well-known for her tax and regulation-cutting policies on the Stafford County Board of Supervisors.

Dan Moxley: Retirement of Walter Stosch leaves only one Medicaid-expanding GOP member in Senate

24th District State Senate Republican nomination candidate Dan Moxley responded to the news today from Richmond that State Senator Walter Stosch is retiring from the Virginia General Assembly after 33 years.


Primary, or convention? How the battle in the 24th will play out

If Emmett Hanger wants a primary, Emmett Hanger gets a primary. That’s how Virginia state law is written. Backers of one of his potential Republican nomination opponents in the 24th Senate District want to change the rules to give district GOP committees the power to choose how a nominee is decided.

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Virginia Interfaith Center names Emmett Hanger Citizen Legislator of the Year

The Virginia Interfaith Center recognized its 2014 Legislator and Advocates of the Year at its annual meeting last night at the Roslyn Conference Center in Richmond.

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Breaking down the three-way race for Republican Senate nomination in the 24th District

A third candidate has entered the race for th3e 24th Senate District Republican nomination: Dan Moxley, a former chair of the Augusta County Republican Committee who owns a small business based in Pennsylvania.

Dan Moxley enters 24th Senate primary race

Dan Moxley announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Virginia’s 24th State Senate district seat currently held by long-time incumbent, Republican Emmett Hanger.

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Emmett Hanger co-chairs Summit on Rural Prosperity

State Sen. Emmett Hanger (R-Augusta), Chairman of the Virginia Rural Center, has taken a lead role in organizing and hosting the Governor’s Summit on Rural Prosperity.

Will Hammer: Corporate cronyism on full display by both parties

Two headlines this week concerning elected officials on both sides of the aisle highlight the cronyism inherent within our government.


Governor McAuliffe touts new agricultural resource management plan

Governor Terry McAuliffe today joined Virginia agricultural and conservation leaders in endorsing and promoting the state’s new agricultural Resource Management Plan (RMP) program.

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Sen. Emmett Hanger honored by doctors’ group

State Sen. Emmett Hanger (R-Augusta County) has been named Virginia Academy of Family Physicians’ 2014 Legislator of the Year.

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And just like that: Emmett Hanger has already beaten the Tea Party at its own game

Just a couple of weeks ago, 24th District State Sen. Emmett Hanger was looking vulnerable, and I told him as much in what turned into a series of emails between the two of us.

Former Democratic Party chair to run for Republican Senate nomination

Former Augusta County Democratic Committee chair Marshall Pattie will announce his intention to seek the 2015 Republican nomination in the 24th Senate District on Monday.

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Emmett Hanger: Proposed Medicaid reform compromise

Today, as Chairman of the Medicaid Innovation & Reform Commission (MIRC) and as Chairman of the Senate Finance-Health & Human Resources Subcommittee, I am offering a proposal intended to serve as the basis for a compromise between the House, the Senate, and the Administration regarding Medicaid.

Quentin Kidd: Response to Emmett Hanger on Medicaid

While certainly not desiring to take anything away from Emmett Hanger’s leadership on Medicaid expansion, the positions in the General Assembly on this issue overwhelmingly fall along party lines.

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Emmett Hanger: A Republican who supports Medicaid expansion

Perhaps I am overly sensitive but it seems that if you say in your question pointedly that the Democrats want to expand Medicaid and the Republicans don’t want to, that you are prejudicing the outcome.

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Emmett Hanger honored by Sierra Club for work on climate, energy policy

The Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club will recognize nine Legislative Leaders who have distinguished themselves in the 2014 General Assembly Session as patrons of environmental bills.

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Bailey’s Law passes State Senate committee

Senator Chap Petersen’s bill to prevent the lemon-puppy commerce (SB 228), also known as “Bailey’s Law” named for a small dog purchased in Fairfax City that nearly died from internal complications shortly after purchase., passed a State Senate committee on Thursday.

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McDonnell announces task force on mental health services

Gov. Bob McDonnell today announced the membership for the newly-created Task Force on Improving Mental Health Services and Crisis Response. The membership includes leaders in the mental health field, law enforcement communities, the judicial system, private hospitals, and individuals receiving mental health services and their families.

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UPDATED: Sen. Creigh Deeds stabbed, in critical condition; son dead from gunshot

State Sen. Creigh Deeds, D-Bath, is in critical condition after being stabbed at his home in Millboro, and his son, Gus, 24, is dead from a gunshot wound, according to multiple media reports Tuesday morning. Details about what happened at the Deeds home are still not known.


Sen. Hanger to be honored at brain injury conference

Chris Nowinski, whose career as a professional wrestler ended after repeated concussions, will discuss his efforts to alert parents and health care providers to the dangers of sports concussions in children as Commonwealth agencies and community partners come together July 26 for “Brain Injury Report Out Day.”

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League of Conservation Voters honors Sen. Emmett Hanger

The Board of Directors of the Virginia League of Conservation Voters recently honored State Sen. Emmett Hanger (R-Mount Solon) for his stewardship of Virginia’s natural resources.

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Sen. Emmett Hanger honored for work on mental health issues

The National Alliance on Mental Illness of Virginia has honored State Sen. Emmett Hanger for leadership, advocacy, and support of the issues that affect people with mental illness and their families.

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Chris Graham: Disappointed in ya, Emmett

It took a minute for me to realize it. The State Senate voted 20-19 in a party-line vote on Monday made possible by the one-day absence of State Sen. Henry Marsh to attend the presidential inauguration to redraw Senate district lines. Ostensibly the move was done to increase the number of majority African-American districts, but go figure, the plan adopted by the Senate GOP also created more Republican-friendly Senate districts. This is what it took me a minute to realize: my own state senator, Emmett Hanger, had to have voted for the plan for it to have passed.

Emmett Hanger: Tackling the budget responsibly

After the Virginia budget stalled in Richmond, I was asked by Republican leaders to serve on the budget conference committee to take a leadership position in making the tough choices.  While we can certainly point to irresponsible spending by national Democrats over the years, we have to honestly admit that Republicans have missed opportunities to […]