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Democrats take aim at Republicans on budget squabble

Virginia Democrats are pointing fingers at their Republican counterparts in the Virginia General Assembly over the ongoing state budget stalemate.

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Virginia Democrats: Republicans have no excuses left

Today, after Gov. Terry McAuliffe proposed his biennial budget that used $225 million of savings from accepting federal funds to close the coverage gap to provide a 2% pay increase for state employees, investments in the Virginia Retirement System, and Line of Duty funding, House Republicans can’t even get their ducks in a row to pass a joint resolution to move forward with the budget.

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Democratic Party unveils new website: Gillespiecare

The Democratic Party of Virginia is launching a new website laying out Ed Gillespie’s ever-changing stance on health reform’s individual mandate.

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Video: Dems say ‘nothing’s changed’ with Ed Gillespie

On Thursday, Ed Gillespie appeared on the CPAC panel title “Reaching Out: The Rest of the Story.” The panelists were supposed to focus on how the GOP can better appeal to minority voters. However, the largely empty room heard the same divisive, tone-deaf rhetoric that Virginians heard during the 2013 election.

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Video: Democrats on the attack against Ed Gillespie

The Democratic Party of Virginia released a new web video today, “What Virginia Women Want,” highlighting Ed Gillespie and the Virginia GOP’s inability to have a conversation with Virginia women without offending them.


New TV ad hits Cuccinelli in the Santorum

A new Democratic Party of Virginia TV ad plays up former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum’s extreme views on the eve of the one-time GOP presidential contender’s visit to Virginia to campaign for Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli.