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Calling out the Republicans: Obama hasn’t, so we must

If Barack Obama had become president at a time of normal politics, with a normal opposition party, there’s no telling how much he could have accomplished.

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Chris Graham: Quick advice for Virginia House Republicans

They don’t want to hear this from me; they don’t want to hear it from anybody, really. But it needs to be said: Virginia House Republicans would be wise to pick another battle, because the Medicaid expansion fight is lost.

McDonnell issues terse statement on end to shutdown

Bob McDonnell, liberated from having to be careful about what he says because his political career is winding down post-scandal, offered choice words for lawmakers in Washington at the end to the inane 16-day government shutdown.


House passes budget compromise; Goodlatte, Hurt vote no

The House voted 285-144 late Wednesday to pass the Senate budget compromise. President Barack Obama signaled that he would sign the legislation, which also includes an increase in the federal debt ceiling.


Kaine, Warner applaud bipartisan budget deal

U.S. Sens. Tim Kaine and Mark Warner applauded the bipartisan effort to reach a budget and debt-ceiling deal that appears headed toward passage in Congress later today.

Senate candidates react to debt-ceiling compromise

Congress has reached an apparent compromise on a measure that will raise the federal debt ceiling, likely averting a fiscal crisis that had been feared if the U.S. government would have risked defaulting on its loan obligations. The reactions of the three top candidates for the U.S. Senate seat representing Virginia up for grabs in […]

The AFP on WREL: Politics talk

AFP editor Chris Graham talks Virginia news and politics on WREL-1450AM’s “Online with Jim Bresnahan.” The segment begins with a look at the ongoing federal debt-ceiling stalemate. Will the two sides come to a compromise? Chris offers his insights. The segment wraps with a look inside the latest poll numbers in the Virginia U.S. Senate […]

Webb to GOP: Don’t destroy the U.S. economy in order to save it

Mr. President, I would like to express my support for the Majority Leader’s plan to raise the debt ceiling and reduce the deficit. Our nation, as we all know, faces a looming crisis. The markets have already warned us. Businesses are already postponing investments. We know the consequences of inaction; they are predictable: Borrowing costs […]

Kaine, Allen talk debt ceiling

George Allen sees the debt-ceiling issue as “leverage” for Republicans heading into the 2012 elections. Tim Kaine has raised issue with Allen on that stance, and on Friday Kaine offered a statement of support for Senate Democrats for their 51-46 party-line vote rejecting the so-called “Cut, Cap and Balance” plan that passed the Republican House […]

Chris Graham: No way to run a country

This is something that should be pretty simple. Congress has voted more than 70 times since the Reagan administration to raise the federal debt ceiling. Seven such votes were cast in the administration of the previous president. That it’s all the sudden a sin to do so is politics. This is no time for politics. […]

Chris Saxman: The Holy Grail/Gang of Six Edition

The oldest child is set to leave for college in 32 days – *sniff* My academic recollection from the freshman fall of 1983 is the Monty Python classic movie “The Holy Grail”. Ah, memories. *sniff* One does not develop a working knowledge of such a piece of cinematic brilliance by watching it in a single […]

The AFP on WREL: Politics talk

AFP editor Chris Graham talks news and politics with WREL-1450AM’s “Online with Jim Bresnahan.” The segment begins with talk on the ongoing negotiations in Congress over the national debt ceiling. Chris gives insight into a conversation that he had with Virginia Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, a Republican who seems more focused on the importance of […]

Chris Saxman: Cold Fusion-Bull Durham Edition

After sitting in the stands for a doubleheader between the Pirates and the Nationals, one becomes keenly aware that the only thing that works in DC is professional baseball. Everything pretty much to the west of the functionally unimpressive Nationals stadium can be summed up by the scene in Bull Durham where veteran minor leaguer […]