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Herring calls on Trump administration to continue student debt protections

Attorney General Mark Herring is urging the Trump administration to continue student debt protections.

mark herring

Herring continues fight against Trump travel ban

Attorney General Mark Herring is continuing the fight against President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

mark herring

Herring reaches settlements with two Fredericksburg-area pawnbrokers

Attorney General Mark Herring’s office has reached settlements with two Fredericksburg-area pawnbrokers.

mark herring

Herring warns Virginians about dangers of predatory loans

Attorney General Mark Herring is encouraging Virginians to become aware of the dangers of payday loans.

mark herring

Attorney General Mark Herring on revised Trump travel ban

Attorney General Mark R. Herring comments on President Trump’s revocation of his original travel ban.

mark herring

AG Herring, South Dakota AG Marty Jackley to launch Campaign for Child Rescue

Attorney General Mark R. Herring and South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley have launched the Campaign for Child Rescue.

mark herring

Herring: Heroin dealers, traffickers need to be held accountable

The General Assembly has rejected AG Mark Herring’s call for stronger tools to hold heroin dealers and traffickers accountable.

mark herring

AG Herring argues against Trump immigration ban

AG Mark Herring made the nation’s first arguments in court on why President Donald Trump’s immigration ban should be stopped.

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Sen. Warner’s opposition to AG nominee Jeff Sessions moves to Senate floor

Sen. Mark Warner spoke out today against the nomination of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to be the next Attorney General.


16 state AGs file amicus brief in suit against Trump immigration ban

AG Mark Herring is joining in an amicus brief in support of the federal lawsuit against the Trump immigration ban.


Trump administration to identify affected Virginia residents

A federal judge has ordered the Trump administration to provide Virginia with a list of all impacted by the executive order on immigration.


Herring, CFPB reach settlement with Virginia pawnbroker

AG Mark Herring and the CFPB have reached a settlement with Woodbridge Coins and Jewelry Exchange.

mark herring

Virginia brings action against Trump executive order on immigration

Attorney General Mark R. Herring today brought legal action against President Trump for his executive order on immigration.

mark herring

Herring formally requests info on detentions in Virginia under Trump order

AG Mark Herring has formally requested additional information on detentions in Virginia resulting from President Trump’s executive order.

mark herring

AG Mark Herring on Trump refugee executive order

Attorney General Mark Herring issued the following statement on President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration.

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AG: Bill to ban abortion at 20 weeks likely unconstitutional

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring found that a proposed bill to ban abortion at 20 weeks is “very likely be struck down as unconstitutional.”

mark herring

Herring helps block health insurance merger

Attorney General Mark R. Herring was part of an effort that successfully blocked the proposed merger of Aetna and Humana.

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Broad support for Herring hate crimes initiative

Voices from around the Commonwealth expressed their support for Attorney General Mark Herring’s anti-hate crimes initiative.

mark herring

Herring proposes new tools to fight hate crimes

Attorney General Mark Herring today announced a new package of legislation to combat hate crimes.

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Virginia Tech expert: Sessions reinvention in confirmation sets tone for Trump nominees

Attorney general-nominee Jeff Sessions has been effective in garnering support for confirmation despite opposition from outside groups.

mark herring

Virginia joins suit against pharmaceutical companies for inflating prices of generics

Attorney General Mark R. Herring today joined with 18 other state attorneys general in filing a federal lawsuit against generic drug-makers.


Lethality Assessment Protocol in place in 11 Virginia localities

Eleven law enforcement agencies in Virginia will implement or expand their use of Lethality Assessment Protocol.


General Assembly fails to hold heroin dealers, traffickers accountable

The General Assembly will fail to pass a needed law to hold heroin dealers and traffickers and other drug dealers accountable when their deadly drugs result in a fatal overdose.


Free legal clinics for veterans begin next week

Attorney General Mark R. Herring will hold the first ever pro bono Veterans Legal Services Clinics to provide estate planning services to low-income veterans.

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Herring launches online component of anti-human trafficking campaign

Attorney General Mark Herring today announced the addition of a data-driven online component to the statewide anti-human trafficking campaign.