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Sanders surge: Polls have Bernie ahead in Iowa, New Hampshire

Two new polls of Iowa voters split Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the frontrunner spot, and a third poll in New Hampshire has Sanders leading Clinton there.

Is this 2008 all over again?

Sanders, the Vermont U.S. senator, had a five-point lead on Clinton in a Quinnipiac poll of Iowa voters released Tuesday. A Public Policy Polling Iowa poll had Clinton up six, but that was a 12-point difference from a December PPP poll that had her up 18 on Sanders.

A Monmouth poll in New Hampshire has Sanders well ahead – by 14 points.

The most recent national polling, done by Investors Business Daily, has Clinton with a narrow four-point lead on Sanders.

To answer the above question, it is starting to feel like 2008 all over again, with the caution that the Iowa caucuses are set for Feb. 1, the New Hampshire primary is Feb. 9, and a lot can still happen between now and those contests.

The other caution, if you’re a Hillary supporter, is that a lot already has happened.