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Doing the right thing: And getting punished for it

2017Donald Trump spent the last few weeks of the 2016 presidential campaign saying the election was going to be rigged.

Remember that? And remember how Democrats responded, laying on Trump to accept the results?

If you believe that the election was rigged, and time will tell, as Bob Mueller slogs through his investigation of the Trump team’s ties to Russian operatives who may have had a hand in throwing the final results, well, you know what Trump was doing when he talked up the rigged stuff, right?

Dude was playing you, knowing that you’d get all self-righteous about the sanctity of our constitutional process, how our system works because we believe in the peaceful transfer of power, and the rest.

So, now, to #metoo, and Roy Moore. To be fair to the Trumpists, they didn’t want Roy Moore to be the GOP nominee in Alabama, backing Luther Strange in the primary.

But once Moore, a defrocked judge, was the man, they had to go all in, given the numbers game in the Senate, which has Republicans holding a slim majority, with 52 seats, and wild cards like John McCain, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins and Bob Corker, among others, counted among that 52.

They need every vote they can get, basically, so it was Moore to the floor.

So, when word got out that Moore had combed the high schools and malls in Alabama for years in search of dates, well, we had ourselves a dilemma.

You either back the guy dating teens, or you cede a seat in the Deep South to a Democrat.

The initial reaction was to basically just let God decide, at least publicly. The Republican National Committee washed its hands of Moore, and senators distanced themselves to the point of suggesting that Moore wouldn’t be seated if elected.

But then, you know what’s happening now. Sexual harassment isn’t a partisan issue, of course. Congress is rife with men in power who have abused their status, and so it has come to be that the waters have gotten muddied with, first, John Conyers, a prominent House Democrat, and then Al Franken, the celebrity senator from Minnesota, seemingly positioning himself for a run at the presidential nomination in 2020.

Democrats have been throwing each other out of the way calling for Conyers and Franken to resign, to show themselves to be the party of moral certitude.

The response from Republicans: yeah, throw the bums out, while we do everything we can do to get Roy Moore elected in ‘Bama.

Doing the right thing doesn’t work in America in 2017, is the lesson here.

Story by Chris Graham