Organizing the perfect high school reunion

high school reunionWhen we leave school it can be a sad time for all concerned. While you may be happy about leaving and starting a new chapter in your life, it also means leaving behind friends, experiences, and the whole experience of being a high school teen. However, leaving school doesn’t have to be the end forever, as you can always organize a high school reunion so that you and all of classmates can meet up, find out what has been going on in one another’s lives, see how things – and people – have changed, and have some fun.

Organizing a high school reunion is not always an easy task. After all, even locating the people that were once in your class can be a challenge. However, there are tools that you can use in order to try and find people that you are no longer in touch with such as the use of social media sites like Facebook or using a people search engine to try and locate them. Of course, finding everyone that was in your class is just part of the process. Once you have located everyone you can, the real hard work begins!

You need to first organize a date and to do this you will need to liaise with the people who are coming to see when the majority are available. You may struggle to find a date when every single person is around but you can go with the majority. You can even use online tools such as Survey Monkey to find out what date suits the majority of people. Once you have a date, it is a good idea to put together an organizing team who can help out with the reunion. It is not something that is easy to do alone but having a few people on your team can make a big difference.

The next step is to create an event page on social media so that you can send details out to your classmates as well as sell tickets to the reunion. This will help to pay for the whole event and for any food or drinks that you are putting on as well as for the venue that you are hiring for the event. There are service providers that can help you when it comes to the creation of an event page as well as with the selling of tickets, collection of responses regarding who can and cannot come, and the collection of money for ticket sales.

If you are considering a theme for the reunion, make sure you make this clear on the events page that you create, as otherwise someone could end up coming in totally inappropriate dress and that could leave them feeling embarrassed. You may even want to go for a ‘uniform’ theme in your old high school uniform colors to give the event a really authentic twist. Once all the hard work is done, you can then look forward to reconnecting with people you may not have seen in many years.


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