Operation Freedom Outdoors: Adaptive snow sports event at Massanutten

newspaperOperation Freedom Outdoors, an adaptive snow sports event created for disabled military veterans, will be conducted on Friday, February 17 through Sunday, February 19, 2017, at the Massanutten Four Seasons Resort, in McGaheysville.

Adaptive Sports is conducting the event to serve patients from Hunter-Holmes McGuire Veterans Hospital. The three-day event will provide disabled military adaptive athletes, who have a wide variety of mobility-related disabilities (spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, blind/visual impairments, etc.), with an opportunity to receive specialized skiing and snowboarding instruction and guide services, as well as opportunities for athletes to test their skill on Massanutten’s ski slopes.

“Participation in adaptive sports has been shown to have a positive influence on recovery, and rehabilitation from injuries sustained during service to our country. Moreover, providing opportunities for supportive, and successful re-integration is key to the health and healing of our disabled military heroes. Our Operation Freedom Outdoors – Adaptive Snow Sports weekend is a time for reunion, fun, new challenges designed to improve the quality of life of the disabled military veterans who attend,” said Mark Andrews, founder and executive director of Therapeutic Adventures/Independence Plus Adaptive Sports.

For nearly four decades, Therapeutic Adventures has provided adaptive outdoor programs for disabled veterans, including unique mentoring experiences, and personal development. TA staff has worked with military members after they have returned home from serving in the Korean War, Vietnam, Bosnia, the Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq, and also have worked with those who are victims of war and oppressed societies such as Somalia, and some Eastern European countries.

Through the generous donations of many individuals and businesses, this event is being provided at no cost to participants.