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state fair of virginia

State Fair seeking blue-ribbon photographers

- If you are a talented shutterbug, now’s your chance to shine in the photography division of the State Fair of Virginia’s arts and crafts competition.
route 29 solutions

Route 29 Solutions Traffic Alert: Week of Aug. 21-25

- The following work is scheduled, weather permitting, on the Route 29 corridor in Albemarle County and the city of Charlottesville.
michael bloomberg

Since when did Michael Bloomberg become a great environmentalist?

- Michael Bloomberg was known as a financier and media tycoon long before he became one of the most beloved mayors in New York City history.
road work transportation

Lynchburg District Traffic Alert: Week of Aug. 21-25

- Highway work in the Lynchburg District requiring road/lane/structure closures is scheduled, weather permitting. 
dinner diva leanne ely

Dinner Diva: Simplify your meals

- In our pursuit for saving money, we find ourselves scouring the world and the web for ways to cut corners and expenses.


solar eclipse

The total solar eclipse: once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

- For the first time in 99 years, a total solar eclipse will cross the entire country from the Pacific to the Atlantic.
vdot road work

VDOT launches SmarterRoads

- VDOT has launched SmarterRoads, a new cloud based data portal initiative that provides free, widespread access to a wealth of VDOT information.
terry mcauliffe

McAuliffe signs executive order halting demonstrations at Lee statue

- Governor Terry McAuliffe today issued an executive order temporarily prohibiting demonstrations at the Lee Monument in Richmond.



Charlottesville to partner with DOJ Community Relations Service

- Charlottesville will be partnering with the Community Relations Services division of the DOJ to begin a road to recovery for our community.
mike signer charlottesville

Signer to state: Allow removal of Lee statue, ban open carry at public events

- Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer is calling on Gov. Terry McAuliffe to convene a special session of the General Assembly to allow the city to remove the statue of Robert E Lee. 

“Deej” tells story of nonspeaking autistic, redefines notion of inclusion

- In another era, D.J. Savarese, a non-speaking autistic chronicled in the documentary “Deej,” would spend his life in silence in an institution.

Yarn: Country music born in Greenwich Villege

- Yarn was country, when country wasn’t cool, in, of all places, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City.

Alert: Charlottesville issues donation scam warning

- The Charlottesville Fire Department has received reports of phone calls from individuals purporting to be collecting donations in the wake of the events of Aug. 12.


staunton public library

Staunton Public Library announces changes to solar eclipse activities

- Due to great interest in the Staunton Public Library’s Solar Eclipse Viewing Party, the library is announcing some changes in event plans.
emu charlottesville

EMS alumna leads clergy protest in Charlottesville

- As news of the Aug. 12 Unite the Right rally reverberated out of Charlottesville, the EMU community watched in dismay and anger.

WTJU special broadcast seeks collective healing

- If you could say one thing to help Charlottesville residents heal from trauma, what would you say? That’s what WTJU 91.1 FM wants you to do.

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: Interview with “Deej” director Robert Rooy

- Chris Graham talks with Robert Rooy, the director and producer of "Deej," a documentary on a nonspeaking autistic college grad.

Update on equine herpes myeloencephalopathy in Virginia

- The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services confirmed a diagnosis of Equine Herpesvirus-1 for two horses from Culpeper County.

Breaking: Charlottesville to make ‘major announcement’ on Lee statue

- Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer will make what is being billed as "a major announcement" regarding the Robert E. Lee statue on Friday.
david swanson

David Swanson: Creative Anti-Nazism

- The people of Durham , N.C., have taken down a Confederate war statue themselves, and lined up en masse to turn themselves in for that crime.

EMU President Susan Schultz Huxman responds to events in #Charlottesville

- We stand in sympathy and in solidarity with our brothers and sisters caught up in the ugly, tragic violence ignited by virulent racism in Charlottesville.

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: Interview with Blake Christiana of Yarn

- Chris Graham talks with singer/songwriter Blake Christiana of Yarn, who will be performing at the Wayne Theatre in Waynesboro on Friday, Sept. 1.
Confederate monuments

What purpose do Confederate monuments serve?

- The very idea that we should move Confederate monuments from public spaces is an affront to history. This is what the president is selling us.
augusta county

Tracy Pyles: No fire tax in Augusta County

- The message of the latest public hearings, and the continuing drumbeat of the News Leader, is that Augusta County taxes are too low.

Virginia to receive $1 million in federal funding for wildlife conservation projects

- U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt announced more than $1 million to Virginia state wildlife agencies.
bridgewater college

Bridgewater College announces arts, events for 2017 fall semester

- Bridgewater College offers a wide range of arts and events for the community to enjoy during the 2017 fall semester.
virginia department of forestry

Good neighbor agreement enables Virginia Department of Forestry, USFS to work together

- The USDA Forest Service and the Virginia Department of Forestry have signed a Good Neighbor Authority master agreement.
mel soria

Virginia Tech alumnus rocks MTV Video Music Awards

- Mel Soria’s Instagram feed offers a visual tour of the storybook life of a music video director.
Dr. Deborah Greubel

Dr. Deborah Greubel appointed VP. dean of Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences

- Dr. Deborah Greubel will join Mary Baldwin University in November as the Vice President and Dean of the Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences.
vdot road work

VDOT to conduct geological tests at Natural Bridge

- The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation and VDOT are partnering as DCR’s master plans for Natural Bridge State Park move forward.
ken plum

Ken Plum: A lesson from Charlottesville

- The "Unite the Right" event that happened in Charlottesville this past weekend could have happened in any community in America.

More than 9,000 ask Charlottesville to create peace memorial

- Over 9,000 people have signed a petition urging the City of Charlottesville to erect a peace pole or other monument in support of peace.

American youths increasingly exposed to extremist messages online

- Right-wing extremist groups are using the internet to spread their messages, and more and more it's young adults they're reaching.
tim kaine

Tim Kaine: ‘We will not go back to the days of hatred and bigotry’

- Sen. Tim Kaine called for unity and peace in the wake of white supremacist demonstrations that took place last weekend.
ralph northam

Statement from Dr. Ralph Northam on Confederate statues

- Ralph Northam comments on the City of Charlottesville’s decision to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee from Emancipation Park.
virginia tech

iScholars learn entrepreneurship, innovation

- “Entrepreneurship” and “innovation” dominated the summer vocabulary of 23 Virginia Tech iScholars.

Daughters for Life Gala Dinner to honor three peacebuilders

- Three women working in peacebuilding will be honored during a special Daughters for Life Foundation Gala Dinner in Washington, D.C.
washington and lee university

Oxford professor of New Testament studies to lecture at W&L

- The Rev. Dr. Jennifer Strawbridge will hold a reception at 5:30 p.m. at Washington and Lee University on Sept. 20.
state fair of virginia

Virginia Blue Ribbon Craft Beer Fest set for Oct. 6-8 at State Fair

- The State Fair of Virginia and the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild will join forces for one weekend during the 2017 fair.

AAA Travel Tip: Total eclipse in the car

- The first cross-country solar eclipse since the advent of the automobile and creation of the free interstate system is heading our way Monday, August 21.  

League declares DEQ acting in violation of state water quality standards

- The Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League issued a letter of complaint regarding the DEQ and its failure to comply with state water quality statutes.

You can no longer be silent

- We all know somebody who voted for, and thus enabled, the president who just made clear that he thinks white supremacists are "very fine people."
heather heyer charlottesville

David Swanson: Disarm Nazi disrupters of Heather Heyer funeral

- Nazis are supposedly planning to disrupt Heather Heyer's funeral Wednesday morning.
paramount heather heyer

Paramount Theater to host Heather Heyer memorial service

- The Paramount Theater will be hosting a memorial service for Heather Heyer on Wednesday at 11 a.m. Doors will open at 10 a.m.

Virginia horses test positive for Equine Herpesvirus-1

- The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Animal Health Lab has confirmed a case of Equine Herpesvirus-1 in a horse from Culpeper.

Poll: Majority say localities should use taxpayer resources to enforce federal immigration laws

- A majority of Virginians — 55 percent — say local governments should be required to use their resources to enforce federal immigration laws.
virginia 4-h

Virginia 4-H distributing 50,000 books donated by Molina Foundation

- The Molina Foundation has awarded a grant of 50,000 new children’s books to Virginia 4-H.
waynesboro ymca

Staunton-Augusta Family YMCA programs aim to help families

- The Staunton-Augusta Family YMCA has expanded one program and started another in hopes of better serving local families in the community.