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Tax overhaul would free up churches, billionaires to exert more political influence

Want your pastor to preach from the pulpit about politics? The tax overhaul bill making its way through Congress will help you get your wish.


McAuliffe announces awards from landmark DuPont settlement

Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced the first round of project awards under the DuPont Waynesboro Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration settlement.

office christmas party

Office Christmas party: A bad idea now?

The boozy, overly grabby office Christmas party – yeah, that’s probably a thing of the past, forever.

David Swanson: Charlottesville beyond the Lee statue

If you haven’t seen Charlottesville on the news lately, you should know that the Lee Statue and the Jackson Statue still stand, covered with enormous black garbage bags so that nobody can see them, but everybody can know there’s something ugly there.


Doing the right thing: And getting punished for it

Donald Trump spent the last few weeks of the 2016 presidential campaign saying the election was going to be rigged. Remember that? And remember how Democrats responded, laying on Trump to accept the results?

christmas candy state list

Map shows your favorite Christmas candies

The favorite Christmas candy in Virginia: M&M’s. This according to CandyStore.com, which has a ranking of the top three Christmas candies in each of the 50 states.

Staunton Fourth of July festivities returning to roots

A long-standing Staunton tradition is under new leadership and will be expanding the city’s annual Fourth of July festivities by returning to the baseball field at Gypsy Hill Park’s John Moxie Stadium.


The roundabout way of resolving traffic issues at Waynesboro intersection

The intersection of 13th Street and Rosser Avenue in Waynesboro is sorta, kinda, my connective tissue to the outside world, from my residence in the Tree Streets.

senior drivers

Study: Senior drivers don’t make vehicle adjustments that can improve safety

Nearly 90 percent of older drivers do not make inexpensive adaptations to their vehicles that can improve safety and extend their time behind the wheel.

donald trump

Poll: 71% say Trump should stay out of NFL anthem controversy

A Seton Hall Sports Poll has found that 71 percent of Americans would like President Trump to stay out of the NFL controversy surrounding the protest actions of players during the national anthem.


Waynesboro: We don’t like the KKK, right?

Waynesboro city leaders want to have a thorough discussion about whether it should take any kind of official stand on KKK flyers.

traffic light tailgating

Virginia Tech study using drone helicopters contradicts common practice of traffic light tailgating

When pulling up to a traffic light, most drivers get pretty close to the car in front of them, leaving just several feet of space between their bumper and the next.  


Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: Sexual misconduct goes viral

Chris Graham and guest co-host Crystal Graham discuss the Matt Lauer firing in the context of a flood of high-profile media, political and entertainment leaders facing sexual misconduct allegations.

chris graham

Life in Trump’s America: ‘Fat boy’ as insult

I got outed as a “fat boy” by a commenter on an AFP story yesterday. Which is funny on many levels.

garrison keillor

Garrison Keillor fired over alleged improper behavior

Legendary “Prairie Home Companion” host Garrison Keillor confirmed Wednesday that he has been fired by Minnesota Public Radio over allegations of improper behavior.

matt lauer

NBC ousts Matt Lauer over sexual misconduct

“Today” host Matt Lauer is the latest domino to fall in the Great Sexual Harassment Reckoning Moment of 2017. And, yes, today’s news is just as shocking as the rest.

gas prices

AAA: Year-end gas prices to be highest since 2014

While AAA does expect gas prices to decline between now and the end of the year, motorists will still pay the highest November and December gas prices since 2014.