Moving north? Consider settling down in these four Canadian capital cities

newspaperCanadian apartment hunters have plenty of options to choose from, especially given the sheer size of the country and the diversity of its provinces and territories.

Year after year, many Americans jest about joining their neighbors in pursuit of a better life; however, there’s no denying the benefits of renting in Canada including:

  • A booming economy and highly educated citizens
  • Beautiful scenery and an incredibly diverse climate
  • Culture galore thanks to a diverse populace (for example, approximately 30% of the country speaks French)

Given that the average monthly cost of a Canadian apartment sits just over $1,000 for a one-bedroom arrangement, potential renters also plenty to consider when it comes to finding an affordable apartment.

If you’re thinking about a move within Canada or are simply looking for a new place to call home, you may want to consider moving to one of the following capital cities as your starting point. Each has a distinct personality and benefits which may meet your unique needs as a renter.



Apartment rentals in Edmonton, Canada represent a number of higher-end properties that are slightly cheaper than areas such as Toronto and Vancouver. Edmonton boasts a robust public transportation system for commuters, including buses and a light rail system for those in the city. For potential renters interested in employment, the energy sector continues to boom with new jobs; meanwhile, the city’s inhabitants represent over 60 ethnicities, reflecting Edmonton’s diverse culture.



Toronto is often referred to as “the capital of Canada” itself, given its progressive nature and the fact that it’s the most populous city in the country. Although rentals in Toronto may be somewhat pricier than neighboring cities, consider its status as a jack of all trades. That is, Toronto combines culture, entertainment and recreation for its lively inhabitants. Home to numerous colleges, sports teams (the Maple Leafs, Raptors and Toronto FC, to name a few) and entertainment districts, Toronto offers something for everyone.



Perhaps a more economical choice, Winnipeg is known for its affordable housing compared to its pricier neighbors. However, don’t count out Winnipeg based on the price tag: what the city may lack in “luxury,” it makes up with personality and culture.

For starters, Winnipeg is home to dozens of art galleries and breathtaking parklife; meanwhile, the city is known for its family-friendly culture. If you’re interested in the great outdoors, consider that the city has over 1,000 park sites in addition to a constant stream of outdoor festivals and celebrations. Winnipeg is considered one of Canada’s top places to start a family, which you should definitely keep in mind if you’re moving with children.



Although Halifax has the smallest population of our list, the capital of Nova Scotia may be the ideal spot for those looking for somewhat quieter city with plenty of personality. As the central hub of Atlantic Canada, there’s lots to see in terms of ponds, harbors and the Atlantic itself. Agriculture, fishing and trade represent some of the area’s largest industries, which is only natural given the city’s maritime location. Halifax offers something “different” versus the other aforementioned capitals, especially for those looking to live affordably near the sea.

Canada as a whole has so much to offer its inhabitants; therefore, your choice of apartment depends both your budget and what you’re looking for. Given the distinct personalities of Canada’s capital cities, chances are there’s something out there that matches up with your wants and needs.

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