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Memo to CNN: Put the blame on torture where it lies

newspaperWolf Blitzer and his colleagues at cnn have been risking shoulder separations patting Blitzer on the back for his tough questioning on Tuesday of Sen. Dianne Feinstein regarding the release of a Senate report on the CIA’s use of torture on terrorism suspects in the ‘00s.

“If Americans are killed as a result of the report,” Blitzer asked Feinstein, who pushed the release of the report, “I assume you would feel guilty about that.”

Cue victory lap here. Brooke Baldwin on Wednesday gave Blitzer an attaboy on the air.

OK, so good question. We’re waiting now on the interview where Blitzer poses a similar query to former vice president dick cheney.

If Americans are killed as a result of the torture that your administration authorized, I assume you would feel guilty about that.

Because let’s be clear on this, if Americans are killed as a result of information about the use of torture in the Bush era getting out into the public domain, it won’t be the report that kills them, but rather the use of torture.

– Column by Chris Graham

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