McAuliffe comments on Trump administration budget proposal

terry mcauliffeGov. Terry McAuliffe comments in response to President Trump’s initial budget proposal.

“As we continue to assess the impact of President Trump’s budget proposal, which amounts to a $54 billion cut to non-defense programs, it is clear that this budget is more about keeping misguided political promises than creating opportunity for Americans or making them safer.

“Eliminating federal support to clean up the Chesapeake Bay, doing away with the Appalachian Regional Commission and slashing investments in community development, affordable housing, home weatherization, and heating assistance will do significant harm to Virginia families and our economy. As will the President’s stated goal of gutting the federal workforce.

“Additionally, spending Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars on an unnecessary and impractical border wall is political pandering that will divert resources and focus from homeland security functions that actually work.

“If President Trump is serious about making our country a better and safer place to live, I urge him to look to states like Virginia. We balance our budgets and we spend taxpayer dollars on priorities that work, not political pandering that will harm our economy and the families we serve.”