McAuliffe announces $6.1 million in homeland security grant awards

terry mcauliffeGovernor Terry McAuliffe announced the culmination of a stakeholder-driven process to allocate more than $6.1 million through various federal grant programs to enhance emergency preparedness and security throughout the Commonwealth. The funds will be administered by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) to support a wide array of emergency preparedness and security operations, equipment replacement, training, planning and exercise programs by local governments.

“Virginia’s local first responders have been called upon time and again to respond to natural and manmade events impacting our Commonwealth,” said Governor McAuliffe. “These brave men and women have stepped up to protect their fellow Virginians when tornadoes ripped across Virginia in February 2016, when Hurricane Matthew caused massive flooding in Hampton Roads last October, and most recently when civil unrest spawned violence and tragedy in Charlottesville. The strategic investment of these federal homeland security grants will fund vital projects to enhance Virginia’s strength and resilience against all threats.”

“The inclusive and detailed grant review process, taking into account stakeholder expertise to understand the security needs facing communities across the Commonwealth, will allow us to use our limited grant funds to support the most critical needs facing our first responders,” said Brian Moran, Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security.

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management received 139 grant requests totaling more than $12 million to compete for the competitive portion of these federal funds. Sixty-six projects were awarded a total of $2.5 million from competitive State Homeland Security Program funds. The Virginia Modeling and Simulation Center at Old Dominion University manages the peer-review process conducted by Virginia’s public safety stakeholders for competitive grants, and scores proposals based upon benefit-cost ratios. Awards have funded a diverse group of programs such as community outreach and preparedness programs, interoperability efforts, railroad safety initiatives, sheltering programs, and active shooter exercises.

As requested by the public safety stakeholders, an additional $2.6 million was allocated in non-competitive grants from the this year’s State Homeland Security Program to fund 29 projects sustaining 12 hazardous materials teams, seven technical rescue teams, four incident management teams, four Virginia radio communications caches, and the Virginia Fusion Center.

Lastly, $1 million was awarded to the Hampton Roads Urban Area Security Initiative (HR UASI) to address the unique needs of this high-threat, high-density urban area. An additional $75,000 was awarded to the Nonprofit Security Grant Program to allow hardening and other physical security enhancements to nonprofit organizations located within the HR UASI and recognized to be at an increased risk of terrorist attack.

“While federal grants to Virginia for emergency management and homeland security have been cut by nearly 70 percent since 2008, Virginia has worked to become more strategic in how money is allocated to meet our security needs,” said Dr. Jeff Stern, VDEM’s State Coordinator for Emergency Management. “More than 200 local public safety leaders from emergency management, law enforcement, fire and rescue and EMS agencies across the Commonwealth participated in determining the priorities for this year’s grant process.”


Competitive Grant Awards

Locality Project Title Award
Accomack County Interoperable Communication Emergency Response Vehicle $60,000
Buena Vista, City of Rockbridge/Lexington/Buena Vista Mobile Incident Support Trailer $47,000
Caroline County Thermal Imaging Cameras for the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) $10,797
Caroline County Caroline County Small Unmanned Aircraft System Equipment $33,000
Chesapeake, City of 2017 All Hazards Community Preparedness & Engagement $12,000
Chesapeake, City of Foam Team Equipment Sustainment $34,562
Chesapeake, City of Flammable Liquid Firefighting Foam Team Training $68,934
Chesapeake, City of Chesapeake Police Department Intelligence Unit Equipment $69,766
Chesterfield County Regional Flammable Liquids Response Training $75,000
Colonial Heights, City of Crater Regional Hazardous Materials Team Equipment $59,844
Commonwealth Regional Council PDC Regional Emergency Planner for Commonwealth Regional Council Region $50,000
Danville, City of Danville Fire Department Technical Rescue Team Equipment $38,289
Dickenson County Rural Terrain Response Vehicle $35,886
Fairfax, City of EOC Video Wall $25,000
Fredericksburg, City of Ballistic Vests for Fire and EMS personnel $45,000
Hampton Roads PDC Regional Overnight Sheltering Drill for People with Disabilities (PWD) $15,000
Hampton Roads PDC Personal Radiation Dosimeter (PRD) Equipment $40,000
Hampton Roads PDC Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Capability Sustainment $65,000
Hampton, City of Regional Shelter Planning, Training, and Exercise $35,000
Hampton, City of Hampton and Poquoson Regional Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) $42,000
Henrico County 2017-2018 Henrico County Whole Community Preparedness and Outreach Programming (Ready Henrico Program) $15,000
Henrico County Technical Rescue Training & Victim Access Equipment $34,000
Henry County Sheriff’s Office Focus 3-D Scanner $68,552
Hopewell, City of Regional FLIR Thermal Image Camera $36,000
Hopewell, City of Hazardous Materials Commodity Flow Study $20,800
Hopewell, City of Firefighting Foam Operations $31,000
James City County Shelter and Mass Care Equipment for Communication and Tracking $11,098
James City County James City County and the City of Williamsburg Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) $35,000
Lancaster County Middle Peninsula/Northern Neck Regional Disaster Distribution Plan $82,366
Lancaster County Mobile Data Terminals for Law Enforcement $12,044
Lexington, City of Rockbridge Regional Emergency Operations Plan $18,000
Manassas, City of Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training $18,500
Middle Peninsula PDC Middle Peninsula/Northern Neck Mass Casualty Functional Exercise $64,473
Middle Peninsula PDC Middle Peninsula/Northern Neck Regional Debris Management Plan $43,000
Newport News, City of Community Preparedness –   Micro Learning $19,325
Newport News, City of Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) $15,163
Newport News, City of Regional Bomb Squad X-ray Equipment $59,000
Norfolk, City of Regional CERT Equipment $21,000
Norfolk, City of Upgrade Communication Interoperability for Command Post $23,117
Pittsylvania County Regional ISSI (Land Mobile Radios) $11,000
Powhatan County “Code Red” Public Alert and Warning System $10,000
Powhatan County EOC Backup Amateur Radio Communications $25,000
Prince William County Physical Security Enhancements for Regional Public Safety Communication Sites $81,871
Richmond Regional PDC Regional Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training & Exercise $10,000
Richmond Regional PDC Central Virginia Shelter Supplies and Equipment $68,320
Richmond Regional PDC Central Virginia Whole Community Preparedness Outreach and Education $80,000
Richmond Regional PDC Central Virginia Regional THIRA and Homeland Security Strategy Update $37,000
Richmond Regional PDC Central Virginia Regional Emergency Management Planning Support $74,275
Richmond, City of Central Virginia Mass Care Shelter Training & Exercise $49,275
Richmond, City of Regional Active Threat Training for First Responders $20,000
Richmond, City of Tactical Entry Equipment $20,000
Richmond, City of Interagency Active Threat Response Equipment $50,000
Richmond, City of City of Richmond Police Department Bomb Squad Equipment Capability Sustainment $60,000
Roanoke, City of Regional Tactical Training Equipment $37,105
Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office Regional UAS Program $45,150
Stafford County Mobile Response, Recovery and Generator Support Trailer $80,000
Suffolk, City of Western Hampton Roads Portable Event Security Cameras $44,197
Virginia Beach, City of Virginia Beach Medically Friendly Shelter Exercise $15,000
Virginia Beach, City of Virginia Beach Community Emergency Response Team  (CERT Training) $19,000
Westmoreland County Provide Network/Interoperable Radio Communications Equipment $15,200
Westmoreland County Regional Mini-Emergency Response Vehicle $14,759
Wise County Southwest Regional Mass Notification System $88,331
Wise County Wise County Sheriff’s Office Tactical Team Ballistic Protection Equipment $26,000
York County York County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program $11,100
York County Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) $40,000


Non-Competitive Grant Awards

Locality Project Title Award
Accomack County State Hazardous Materials Team $70,706
Alexandria, City of State Hazardous Materials Team $72,776
Bristol, City of State Hazardous Materials Team $52,721
Bristol, City of Technical Rescue Team $50,000
Chesapeake, City of Incident Management Team $150,000
Chesapeake, City of Radio Cache Team $150,000
Chesterfield County Technical Rescue Team $50,000
Chesterfield County Incident Management Team $150,000
Danville, City of State Hazardous Materials Team $78,000
Fairfax County Technical Rescue Team $50,000
Fairfax County Incident Management Team $150,000
Franklin County Incident Management Team $50,000
Fredericksburg, City of State Hazardous Materials Team $8,000
Harrisonburg, City of Technical Rescue Team $50,000
Harrisonburg, City of Radio Cache Team $150,000
Harrisonburg, City of State Hazardous Materials Team $58,000
Henrico County State Hazardous Materials Team $8,000
Lunenburg County Radio Cache Team $55,000
Lynchburg, City of Technical Rescue Team $50,000
Montgomery County Radio Cache Team $55,000
Newport News, City of State Hazardous Materials Team $78,706
Portsmouth, City of State Hazardous Materials Team $86,268
Roanoke, City of Technical Rescue Team $100,000
Roanoke, City of State Hazardous Materials Team $88,000
Virginia Beach, City of Technical Rescue Team $50,000
Virginia State Police Fusion Center $600,000
Winchester, City of State Hazardous Materials Team $84,000
Wise County, City of State Hazardous Materials Team $76,750

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