Mark Herring on Gov. McAuliffe’s actions to expand healthcare access

mark herringAttorney General Mark Herring issued the following statement on Governor McAuliffe’s actions to expand healthcare services and coverage to more Virginians.

“Governor McAuliffe has shown time and again that he is committed to bringing quality, affordable health care to more Virginians and strengthening our economy. He’s taken a bold step today to extend services and coverage to those who badly need them. It’s an important move, and Virginians now need the General Assembly to step up and do its part to close the coverage gap. All across the country, states with Republican and Democratic leadership in the executive and legislative branches have helped closed the coverage gap with a responsible expansion of Medicaid because it’s the right thing to do financially and morally. Unfortunately, the only leadership we’ve seen from those that control the General Assembly are extraordinary efforts to prevent extending coverage to Virginia families by any means necessary, and no alternative plan has gained the support of legislative leadership. In the upcoming special session, the legislative leadership needs to put aside political ideologies and find a path forward to do what’s best for hundreds of thousands of Virginians.”

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