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Live Blog: #5 UVA vs. #4 Florida in 2017 NCAA East Regional

uva basketballGame preview and live blog as #5 seed UVA (23-10) faces #4 seed Florida (25-8) in the 2017 NCAA Tournament.


Broadcast Information

  • The Virginia-Florida game will be televised on TNT and streamed online at NCAA.com (March Madness on Demand).
  • The game will be broadcast on the Virginia Sports Radio Network and Westwood One/NCAA Radio Network on Sirius (136) and XM (202) and Internet (962).
  • Live statistics will be located on VirginiaSports.com and Virginia Sports app.


Common opponents

  • Miami: Florida defeated the ‘Canes 65-56 in a neutral-court game in November. Virginia lost to Miami 54-48 in OT at home in February.
  • Duke: Florida lost to Duke 84-74 in a neutral-court game in December. Virginia lost 64-54 to Duke at home in February.
  • Florida State: Florida lost at FSU 83-78 in December. Virginia lost to the ‘Noles at home 60-58 later in December.


KenPom.com numbers

  • Virginia offense (1.137 points per possession, 37th nationally) vs. Florida defense (0.897 points per possession, fourth nationally)
  • Florida offense (1.160 points per possession, 29th nationally) vs. UVA defense (0.875 points per possession, first nationally)
  • Tempo: Virginia (58.9 possessions per game, 351st nationally) vs. Florida (68.7 possessions per game, 123rd nationally)


Counting Stats

  • Florida: 78.3 points per game offense, 66.5 points per game defense. The Gators shoot 45 percent from the floor and 36.1 percent from three-point range. Florida opponents shoot 40.8 percent from the floor and 31 percent from three-point range. Florida averages 17.5 made free throws a game, has a +2.1 rebound margin over opponents, averages 11.9 turnovers per game, and forces opponents into 15.1 turnovers per game. Three players average double digits in scoring: KeVaughn Allen (13.9 ppg), Canyon Berry (11.9 ppg) and Devin Robinson (11.3 ppg). Nine players average double-digit minutes per game.
  • Virginia: 66.9 points per game offense, 56.1 points per game defense. UVA shoots 46.5 percent from the floor and 39.4 percent from three-point range. Virginia opponents shoot 39.6 percent from the floor and 31.5 percent from three-point range. The Cavs average 10 made free throws per game, have a +3.1 rebound margin over opponents, average 9.5 turnovers per game, and force opponents into 12.7 turnovers per game. Leading scorer: London Perrantes (12.9 ppg). Ten players average double-digit minutes per game.
  • UVA goes big at the start: Diakite and Salt in the frontcourt, Perrantes, Hall and Thompson.

  • UVA 8-6 lead, 13:19/1st. Salt with four early points, Diakite with two.

  • UVA 13-11 lead, 11:27/1st. Cavs 6-13 FG, 8-6 adv pts in paint. FLA 5-13 FG.

  • Florida 17-15 lead, 7:50/1st. Tempo: 17 possessions/12 minutes. Pace: 57/40 mins.

  • Salt has four points and five rebounds. Getting dirty.

  • JB

    Liking the fact the Hoos have the early pace where they want it.

    • Indeed. Big question before the game. Florida plays a much faster pace normally.

  • JB

    Both teams are well aware that Villinova has been shown the door and the winner gets Wisconsin

  • Florida 19, UVA 17, 3:43/1st. Sufficiently ugly game. Both teams 8-22 from the floor. Ugly.

    • JB

      Is it a pretty ugly or just pretty ugly ?

      • Fans of the UVA hue of orange and blue need it to be even uglier.

        • This Florida team is obviously much more talented than the group that Tony can put on the floor tonight.

  • JB

    Hoos need a bucket or two here before the break.

  • JB

    8-0 since the TV break.

  • 10-0 Florida run, Gators lead 29-17, UVA timeout. Nothing going on offensive end for Virginia.

    • JB

      Need to run a play out of TO that works.

  • Virginia’s last points came at the 5:08 mark. It’s hard to imagine when they will score again.

  • Half: Florida 31, UVA 17. Gators close on 12-0 run. Cavs go scoreless for final 5:08.

    • JB

      Not cool. Really needed a bucket there somewhere.

      • About midway through the first half, this one started to feel like the game in Chapel Hill. Nobody seems to know where they need to be or what they need to be doing.

        Hard to imagine how that can be in the 34th game of the season.

  • JB

    Being down double digits twice in a row is tough and Florida is more talented than Wilmington.

    • And bigger. I think that is key. Wilmington’s bunch is athletic, but Florida is big and athletic.

      • JB

        Let’s​ hope that Tony can find some magic while they are in the locker room!

  • UVA 8-27 FG, 1-7 3FG, 0-0 FT, 5 TOs
    FLA 11-26 FG, 2-9 3FG, 5-5 FT, 6 TOs
    FLA 20-13 reb adv
    FLA 18-10 pts in paint

    • JB

      No FT attempted…

    • Scott German

      Sad way to end season if the second half is anything like the first.

      • They just have more than we do on the floor tonight. Not having Wilkins hurts, obviously. And as we know, this team has been challenged since losing Nichols after one game.

        That said, they played way over their heads to get a five seed, won an NCAA Tournament game, and return everybody but Perrantes next year.

        I don’t think this one game will define the season. I won’t let it, anyway …

  • Scott German

    Team looks lost.

    • It does. Out of sorts. Tony won’t do this, but he could change things up, and run some of the iso stuff that worked against Wilmington on Thursday.

      We know the mover-blocker stuff isn’t working. Not getting open shots, etc.

      Worst thing that can happen if we change things up is we lose.

      If you’re going to lose anyway, go out on your terms.

      I didn’t like starting Diakite just to counter their size. I would have gone back to four-guard, and make them counter.

  • Game needs to be within 6-8 points by 10-minute mark for Cavs to have a shot.

    • JB

      It’s said all the time but the first 5 minutes of the second half are HUGE

  • Florida opens up second half on 9-0 run, leads 40-17. Gators have outscored UVA 21-0 over the last 7:26.

    • JB

      How many years do you ho back until you find a 21-0 run against UVA?

      • Football: last game of the season. Basketball: quite a while.

  • Shayok airball, Thompson turnover, Perrantes brick (hit backboard, no rim) on UVA’s first three possessions.

  • JB

    Our beloved ACC is taking it on the chin today with Notre Dame, Florida State and now Virginia all on the wrong end of the score board

    • The FSU loss is the surprise. WVU is a tough matchup for Notre Dame. Florida basically at home against a depleted UVA was another toughie.

      • JB

        FSU outside of Tallahassee is Jecykl and Hyde.

  • Florida 43-22 lead, 15:47 left. UVA finally getting something going on offense, but can’t get stops.

  • Gators have scores on six of seven possessions to start second half.

  • JB

    It will be interesting to see the final margin- looking for Hoo pride to kick in.

    • I think they’re playing hard. Shots just aren’t falling.

      • JB

        The lack of stops is were the concern is. You mentioned Gators converted on 6 of 7

        • They give out scholarships, too. One of my favorite sayings …

  • Florida 48-26 lead, 11:36 left. Nothing going for Virginia. This one definitely feels like game in Chapel Hill.

  • Not sure why so many of the so-called faithful are talking junk now. One team wins its last game of the season. One.

  • Look at this UVA team as a sum of its parts. Then look at where it is. Played way over its head to get here.

    • JB


    • JB

      That is my #1 issue with Fans in general- you are supporting your team the same when they are winning or losing. At least in my world.

      • I’m reading Twitter right now, and it’s not pretty. Lots of fair-weather folks out there.

        • JB

          Probably why I will never expose myself to Twitter.

          • I’m actually glad to know what people think. Even though I also wish I didn’t know what people think.

  • JB

    54-28 with 8 to play. It would appear that Florida will face Wisconsin next week.
    Another great season in Hooville but no answer for the Gators today.

  • That look from London Perrantes on the bench says it all.

  • JB

    Always disappointed when teams shoot 3’s late up 25-30.

    • JB

      I understand letting the bench getting its shots in, just not 3 balls.

      • Eh, shots are shots. It’s Virginia’s job to stop them.

  • JB

    65-36 Gators, under 3 to play.

  • JB

    Final seconds running off the clock and the season for Virginia. 65-39 Final

  • JB

    Chris will break it down for you and will report on it through out the night.
    Heck of a season for the Hoos!

    • We will try. Thanks as always, Mr. JB!

      • JB

        It’s an honor to assist in your coverage of a First Class basketball 🏀 team