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About AugustaFreePress.com

The Augusta Free Press launched on July 2, 2002 – a service of what became Augusta Free Press LLC, which is also the parent company of a thriving book division that has published Mad About U: Four Decades of Basketball at University Hall, Judge Not, Where Was God? The World Trade Center Disaster seen through a Chaplain’s Eyes and Adventures in Warnerland: My political soap opera in Mark Warner’s Virginia.

The site serves as a portal into life in the Shenandoah Valley – in a region encompassing Augusta County and the cities of Staunton and Waynesboro and surrounding areas.


Mission Statement

AugustaFreePress.com is a community forum that aims to inform, educate and as appropriate instill vigorous and ethical debate on the issues of the day that matter to the people of the Shenandoah Valley and Central Virginia.

The Internet is a tool for fostering this kind of social enlightenment that our foremothers and forefathers could only have dreamed of having at their disposal – and we aim to ensure that it is used in this forum to those purposes for which our mutual betterment is the highest goal.


Chris Graham, President, Augusta Free Press LLC

Chris Graham | Create Your Badge

Chris Graham is a 21-year veteran of print and web media, radio and television.

He has covered two presidents – Bill Clinton and George W. Bush – in addition to conducting numerous one-on-one interviews with former Virginia governors George Allen, Jim Gilmore, Mark Warner, Tim Kaine and Bob McDonnell, and a host of other newsmakers in Richmond and on Capitol Hill.

Chris is the president of Augusta Free Press LLC and editor of AugustaFreePress.com. He has published three books, Stop the Presses, a humor column collection, Ridin’ the Pine, a short story collection, and Judge Not, a political thriller. He also co-authored with Patrick Hite Mad About U: Four Decades of Basketball at University Hall. That book was released in September 2006.

Chris has also been a fixture on press row at the ACC Tournament and followed UVa. sports to the NCAA Tournament, covering the 2014 Cavs all the way to Madison Square Garden.

Chris is also the web editor and play-by-play webcaster for the Waynesboro Generals Valley League baseball team.

He has won 17 Virginia Press Association awards for his reporting and writing.


News Submissions/Tips

E-mail news tips to chris@augustafreepress.com


AFP Contributors

– Shepherd Bliss
– Jerry Carter
– Sara Christopherson
– Chelsea Church
– Scott German
– Crystal Graham
– Jeff Fife
– Mike Judge
– Blake Lam
– Marietta McCarty
– Andy Schmookler
– Jessica Warrens


Contributor Guidelines

– Submit articles and columns to Chris Graham, editor, at chris@augustafreepress.com.

– There is no word limit – either a minimum or maximum – on submissions. It is suggested that pieces that are longer than 2,500 words in length be reviewed by the author to ensure that it is necessary to tell a story or make a point to go beyond that word count. But that will be left to the discretion of the author.

– There is no limitation on frequency of submissions. Neither is there a requirement that submissions be made on any kind of recurring basis (i.e. once a week, once every two weeks, once a month).

– The editor will be responsible for any copyediting and proofreading. If you as author come across any errors that might have missed the editor’s usually keen eye, please let him know by e-mail that a correction needs to be made.

– All articles and columns are to appear under the byline of the author. At the author’s request, an e-mail address for the author can be published with the story to allow readers to comment directly.



Hosts Chris Graham and Crystal Graham of Augusta Free Press highlight local news and newsmakers with an emphasis on the Shenandoah Valley on Viewpoints on WVPT.

Show airs Wednesday nights at 7:30 p.m.