Will Hammer announces candidacy for House of Delegates

will hammerWill Hammer is running against Del. Dickie Bell for the House of Delegates 20th District seat this year.

Hammer, a Libertarian, ran in 2015 against Bell, a Republican, for the seat in the 20th, receiving 24 percent of the vote in the two-way race.

“I believe that my strong showing in 2015 and growing distrust and distaste for the two major parties, specifically incumbents, represents a great opportunity to go to Richmond as a third party candidate,” said Hammer, a lifelong resident of Staunton, who graduated from Robert E. Lee High School in 2005 and Hampden-Sydney College in 2009 with a BA in economics.

Hammer was awarded the Patrick Henry Award by the Libertarian Party in 2016. This award recognizes someone who ran a very effective campaign for public office at the state or federal level and in-so-doing represented Libertarian ideas, principles, and values.

Only four other candidates have received the award, including former gubernatorial and U.S. Senate candidate Robert Sarvis.

“When elected, I will fight against the Dominion pipeline because property rights are sacred, to end gerrymandering and corruption, bring transparency to Richmond and publish a reasoning for every vote that I place,” Hammer said. “I will hold online and in person public forums for my constituents. I will protect your gun rights as I was given an A grade from Gun Owners of America and very pro-gun rating from Virginia Citizens Defense League.

“I will fight for judicial reform and marijuana legalization, which will reduce government expenditure and create a booming new industry which means thousands of jobs. I will walk the walk, not talk the talk. If you are tired of business as usual and the duopoly of the Republicans and Democrats, join me and let’s seriously drain the swamp known as Richmond.”