Four ways business owners can command more respect from their teams

Whether you’re dealing with a less-than-loyal team or the phenomenon of “lazy millennial” workers, the fact remains that commanding respect from employees isn’t always easy.

However, the importance of establishing a stronger rapport with your team has bigger implications for your business. For example, consider how commanding more respect helps to…

  • Create a sense of loyalty among employees so they’ll want to stick around for the long-term versus bounce the first chance they get
  • Encourage efficiency and a “team” mentality: more driven, motivated employees will obviously do better work on your behalf
  • Establish yourself as a leader: there’s no better way to test your leadership skills than by commanding a team

But how do you establish that sense of respect in the first place? Consider the following four tips for starters.


Look the Part

The concept of “dressing for success” may seem like somewhat of a cliche in today’s laid back era of start-ups. That said, taking pride in your appearance can go a long way toward signaling to your team that you’re ready to get down to business. Some simple ways to step up your style include…

  • Dressing up: between putting on a suit-and-tie to accessories such as stylish military watches, sometimes it pays to pull off the “professional” vibe
  • Hitting the gym: from improving your posture to building a bit of muscle, getting in shape is subtle but significant way to show that you take pride in your appearance
  • Pay attention to your grooming game: again, every aspect of your appearance matters when your team is looking up to you


Get Involved in the Interview Process

If your employees see you as a commanding figure from day one, they’re more likely to acknowledge you as the head of the company instead of a mysterious figure. Hanging around in the background too much may make you seem unnecessarily cold and calculating versus warm and friendly. In short, you’ll get a warmer welcome from your workers as they become more comfortable around you.

While you don’t need to sit in on every interview and meeting with your team, make it a point to check in with new hires to establish a good rapport from day one.


Don’t Be Afraid to Get Personal

Whether during meetings or through emails, try to connect with your employees on a personal level. Through opening up and telling stories or throwing “thank you” parties from time to time, anything you can do to present yourself as more human is a plus. Remember: just because you don’t think of yourself as imposing doesn’t mean that your team feels the same way.


Run a Tight Ship

At the end of the day, nobody is guaranteed respect: in some ways, it has to be earned.

For example, running smooth meetings and a lean company overall shows that you value your team’s time. Clearly outlining employee expectations likewise shows that you mean business and that you don’t tolerate laziness, either. On the same note, you’re expected to firmly deal with anyone who defies your expectations.

Commanding respect from your workers rarely happens overnight. Instead, use a combination of these tips to build a stronger, more efficient team that wants to work under you.


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