Five basic facts you should know about credit cards

Credit cards have great importance in modern financial structure. However, you need to learn how they work out to avoid any issue. Following, we are giving you some facts you should know with about credit cards.


Annual Percentage Rate, aka Annual Percentage Rate, is your interest rate. It is applied to balance after you calculate the interest owed back to thecompany. Thisis also called as afinance charge on billing statement for every month you are charged with interest.

Grace Period

Most Small Business Credit Cards allow you some time to avoid interest in something you bug.If you pay back the whole amount in given time, then you won’t have to pay interest. This due period is better known as Grace Period.

It doesn’t apply to the purchase; you will pay interest from thedate of thetransaction. Many companies don’t offer a grace period on balance transfer and cash advance. You pay interest from thedate of balance transfer and cash advanced.

If you don’t pay fully in agiven time, you lose grace period, and you are starting owing interest. The interest rate depends on your terms, the amount you borrowed or the time allotted before interest. There are many factors to be considered.

Minimum Amount

If you pay the minimum amount consistently, it will take a long time to pay off your debt,and you will pay a lot of interest. The interest depends on APR and the balance. Therefore you can pay as much as you can, and pay it before the due date.

If you fail to pay the minimum amount on time, you will face a late fee, and it will increase APR.

Credit Limit

Small Business Credit Cardsare supposed to inform you about your credit limit when you get your card. With thepassage of time, these terms will change according to your habits, needs, use, and edibility. Your limit can change,and you will find your current credit limit on billing statement every month.

When you cross your limit, you are required to pay a fee. This can also increase your APR. It happens even if the transaction was authorized. Therefore, you need to keep track of transaction and see how close you are to your limit.

Pay on Time

You need to develop good financial habits. You need to make yourself look good in front of your lenders, and rework your financial habits. You need to make payments on time. Automate your payments to make sure they are made on time.

If you fail to do so, then you better contact your credit company so they can offer you some solution. If you have borrowedsomething, then you need to pay it as early as possible.

When you borrow, you need to realize you have some financial issue. Admit there is some issue so you can work it out. Be realistic and make a budget. Talk to your lenders and tell them what you can inform to pay. This can help to arrange a new schedule.

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