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Don’t let the polls fool you: The governor’s race is anything but decided

democrats republicansLiterally no one that I know and talk with regularly is talking at all about the 2017 Virginia governor’s race.

Which is why I’m not buying the polls that have more than 90 percent of Virginians already committed to one of the three candidates.

Quinnipiac, most notably, has Democrat Ralph Northam ahead of Republican Ed Gillespie by 14 points, and at 53 percent among likely voters, which, if that were to be true, would mean the race is all but over, the 50 percent-plus threshold in a poll considered sacred.

If you believe the Quinnipiac poll, 94 percent of voters have made a call between Northam, Gillespie and Libertarian nominee Cliff Hyra, which is just nuts.

Which isn’t saying that we haven’t been inundated with what feels like an endless loop of negative ads from the major party candidates.

Northam, for example, we now know him, thanks to Gillespie, as the guy who wants MS-13 to gang-rape your teenage daughter. And, also, he wants your guns, because the NRA, you know, has to have its say.


Gillespie, on the other side, is now known to us, thanks to Northam, as the genial fellow who prostituted himself on the altar of greedy corporatism, good ol’ Enron Ed, they’re calling him, assuming people remember way, way, way back to when Enron was a thing.

Just because we can’t watch football or “Will and Grace” without being made to feel like we need a shower after the local station break doesn’t mean we’re paying attention to the race, or that we’ve already settled on who we want to win.

The election is in two weeks, and a lot is going to happen between now and then.

And Election Night is going to be a long, long night, and will stretch into the wee hours of Wednesday.

Column by Chris Graham