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Dominion’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline: Lies and numbers

pipeline4Press release from Friends of Nelson

It is difficult to assess just how deep the deception runs in Dominion’s efforts to ram the Atlantic Coast Pipeline down the throats of communities and rate-payers in Virginia.

Dominion’s latest effort, a report entitled The Economic Impacts of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, fails to be a credible and comprehensive analysis of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP)’s impacts on market area natural gas and electric prices, as well as the impacts on regional economies.

Dominion’s press release claims that switching to using cheaper natural gas to generate electricity will benefit the economy.   Dominion has been lobbying recently in Richmond to pass a bill (SB 1349) that would place a floor on electricity rates and exempt them from SCC oversight for a number of years.

“Dominion is doing everything they can to pass the ‘Rate-payer rip off’ bill by whining to legislators how much it will cost to close coal fired plants due to oncoming regulations… but now they are saying that this very same switch will save tons of money?  Dominion can’t have it both ways,” says Joanna Salidis, Friends of Nelson’s President.

“The numbers are based on economic, market and demand assumptions that are unstated, unknown and highly speculative,” said Ernie Reed, of Friends of Nelson.  “Dominion has created an economic pipedream and somehow expects that the project will conform to its sci-fi scenario.”


“Especially egregious is that the report focuses on only one side of the balance sheet,” Reed continued.  “The economic and social costs to communities of construction, monitoring and maintenance, including the effect of natural gas exports on domestic gas prices, which are real costs, are neither acknowledged nor addressed in the report. The flagrant omission of these costs is both deceitful and disingenuous.”

Costs unaddressed in the report include

  • Loss of property values to landowners
  • Loss of privacy to landowners
  • Loss to businesses during construction
  • Loss of natural scenic value
  • Devalued businesses and business opportunities
  • Loss of Property Rights through eminent domain to hundreds of property owners
  • Costs to localities and those down stream of increased sedimentation and impacts to water supplies
  • Costs to National Forests, The Appalachian Trail and The Blue Ridge Parkway of impaired water, wildlife, native plants, viewsheds and recreation values.
  • Costs to property owners of attorney fees to fight and oppose unconstitutional takings the large-scale export of gas, which is not in the public interest.
  • Costs of local emergency services and first-responders in the event of an emergency
  • Costs to water, soil and personal property in the event of an explosion or accident
  • Costs to local and regional renewable/wind/solar businesses and suppliers who must compete with dirty carbon intensive energy generation
  • Lifecycle health and climate costs of methane leakage at source, storage, distribution and compressor station points
  • Costs of adding significant carbon loads to the atmosphere because, yes, burning gas releases significant amounts of carbon
  • The security dangers inherent in the large-scale international energy market
  • Costs to the West Virginia communities who bear the brunt of social, environmental and health costs inherent to the fracking process and industry
  • Costs of repairing roads, damaged by heavy truck traffic during construction
  • Costs for damage to water sources and structures due to blasting during construction
  • Loss of property taxes through devalued properties, both on and near the route
  • Loss of residents and businesses (and attendant taxes) due to pipeline-caused relocation
  • Costs of increased healthcare and missed work days due to stress of eminent domain proceedings, living in the blast zone, or other safety or economic worries brought on by the pipeline

Friends of Nelson is producing a report on the economic and socioeconomic costs to Nelson County of the construction, maintenance, operation, and monitoring of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  “The economy of Nelson County is based on tourism, agriculture, recreation and the scenic beauty of the Rockfish Valley.   These and so much more are threated by the proposed pipeline,” said Joanna Salidis.  “It makes me sick to my stomach to hear Dominion crow about economic benefits when the truth is their pipeline is nothing more than the large scale transfer of wealth from counties like ours on the route to their shareholder’s pockets.  Our Pipeline Impact Study will give us numbers of our own.”

The Pipeline Impact Study is financed by Nelson County landowners and supporters and will be completed in May.


    I hate to say it, this is the biggest group of “miss-led lies” I’ve seen in one article. There’s a difference between freedom of speech and going straight to Hell for lies and manipulation of the truth. Do not be one of the narrow minded followers, do your own research and you’ll find that these pipelines are not the Devil.
    After its all done (and the pipeline is in the ground), you have a little more money in your account, a new tractor or able to pay the bills you wouldn’t have been able to without the pipeline money, a lot of the more intelligent people are going to look back and wonder why they worried and wasted so much time on Fighting The Pipeline, that their “information” came from someone that Truthfully knows NOTHING about pipelines. It’s like believing the city kid at the fast food drive thru window on how to raise beef instead of believing your local farmer and/or doing your own research.
    YOU’RE NOT ON THIS EARTH FOR LONG, DONT WASTE IT “FIGHTING A PIPELINE”, SPEND IT HAPPILY AND WISELY WITH LOVED ONES, ETC. Im tired of hearing these “protestal falsifications” (straight lies).
    Thanks for your time

    • Matthew Dwyer

      “going straight to hell”??…”the Devil?” …what about “Thou Shalt Not Covet” or the 1776 Virginia Declaration of Rights?….I’m just speaking out for my property rights and those of my fellow citizens….and by the way, the pipeline is not going anywhere near my humble five acres of this beautiful country. If that’s leading me straight to Hell, I look forward to seeing many of my friends and neighbors there…as well as George Mason, James Madison, John Jay, TJ, and alot of other proud Americans.

    • VASmallBusOwner

      Um, my property isn’t affected and I am not a Dominion customer, although it DOES affect me in a number of ways. The forcing of eminent domain by a corporation is wrong, especially the Dominion is going about it. If my property was affected, I’d be fighting tooth and nail too. The pipeline also cuts through some of the most historical areas of Nelson County with NO net benefit. This pipeline doesn’t serve anyone other than the end point, most of which will be sold overseas. Dominion started this fight. It is OUR RIGHT to fight back. Nobody is wasting time fighting the pipeline. This is our community that is going to be heavily affected, you’re damn right we are going to fight for it.

    • Lindsay Dixon Birckhead

      Thank you Dominion Energy representative for posting so quickly as an average citizen. We appreciate your continued lying!

  • Wayne Vanderhoof

    When you typed this article, did you have your electric lights on and using an electrically powered computer? Where does your electricity come from? Does it just magically appear or is it generated in someone else’s back yard and transported to you on wires? Why not generate electricity for you in your own back yard?

    • Lindsay Dixon Birckhead

      Thank you Dominion representative for posting so quickly as an average citizen. We appreciate your continued lying!

  • A Non-China Stimulus Package

    You are correct, it does affect everybody “Smallbusowner”. I done one of my final papers in college on eminent domain (“the greater good”) and private property rights but this is the reason the law exists.
    The heavy majority of the people along the path of this pipeline understand that. They understand this is bigger than their personal (direct) interests, it does effect our society as Americans as a whole, and it’s a small contribution (on their part, with compensation) to keep America afloat. The federal government most likely wouldn’t step in if this was for a Wal-mart but, this is a major infrastructure. Just like roads, utilities and railroads that you use to do/go to work, get your merchandise and access your personal property.
    It’s bigger than ones individuals (direct) interest (even Dominion’s). Some don’t understand this for whatever reason so our government will step in (if we like it or not), to make everyone a team player. “Dominion” is just a face for small portion of people to be “mad” at. It’s all about the “big” picture.
    Plus, If it wasn’t for “natural gas play” in our country we would be in a straight foward financial depression, like it or not. It’ll be hard for anybody not to be affected by it, directly or indirectly. So you might not want to accept any money if you’re against what’s happening, cause that money was most likely first “oil field cash”.

    “(Natural gas) Consider it the energy stimulus: $476 billion delivered to the U.S. economy in 2010— equal to roughly 60 percent of the 2009 federal stimulus.” – http://www.energytomorrow.org/economy

    “The Atlantic Coast Pipeline may be the largest private economic growth driver in Virginia and North Carolina for the next decade,” http://www.suffolknewsherald.com/2015/02/12/report-377m-savings-from-pipeline/

    • Lindsay Dixon Birckhead

      Thank you Dominion rep for posting so quickly as an average citizen. We appreciate your continued lying!

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