Del. Mark Sickles comments on Governor McAuliffe’ signing election bills

constitutionToday, Governor McAuliffe signed HB 2056 and HB 2062, bipartisan bills amending existing law that will improve administration of elections while saving scarce taxpayer dollars.

“During the last two presidential elections voters waited in long lines – many stood for hours in line even after the polls closed – to exercise their right to vote,” said Del. Mark Sickles, D-Alexandria. “HB 2062 ensures that Virginia’s administration of the 2016 election will not be a repeat performance by mandating that polling locations are adequately equipped to service the surge in voting populations during presidential elections.”

At the signing ceremony, Governor McAuliffe said, “I am pleased to sign legislation that requires a second scanner at polling places with more than 4,000 voters which will reduce lines in Presidential elections.  As we continue to improve the administration of elections by getting rid of outdated equipment and improving our laws, Virginians can once again be proud of its Election Day performance.”

HB 2062 also requires the State Board to meet earlier to certify election results, thus allowing any necessary recount to begin earlier.

HB 2056 expedites the access to voter lists for legitimate existing public purposes, requiring the Department of Elections to release the data in 14 days rather than 60.

“Throughout my tenure in the House, serving on the Privileges and Elections Committee has been one of my greatest honors,” said Sickles. “Over these 12 years, I have continually worked to ensure that the Commonwealth holds elections in a cost-effective efficient manner, while maintaining the integrity of the vote.”

“I want to thank the Governor, the Department of Elections, and all the local registrars who helped pass these two bills, which move us toward the improved administration of fair elections.”

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