Congressman Connolly voices support for EPA Clean Water Rule

connollyOn Monday, over 100 people, including students, community leaders, and involved citizens filled the seats of a George Mason University event space to hear Congressman Gerry Connolly remark on the steps needed to move Northern Virginia towards sustainability.

The event focused on threats posed by global climate change, but questions from audience members elicited responses from the congressman on a range of environmental issues including the EPA’s proposed Clean Water Rule.  The Rule would ensure clean water protection for 28,000 miles of streams in Virginia and has drawn significant attention locally as well as nationally, as it has come under attack in recent weeks by major polluters and their allies in Congress.

The Congressman took the opportunity to reiterate his support for the rule, emphasizing its importance to maintaining clean drinking water.

“That rule can make a difference for 117 million Americans who draw drinking from streams that are affected by the rule, positively affected by the rule.  This is a rule that has long been needed,” remarked the Congressman during the event.

“We applaud Congressman Connolly for supporting policies that will benefit not only the residents of Virginia, but citizens across the country,” remarked Jessie Mehrhoff, Clean Water Organizer with Environment Virginia, one of the groups organizing the event. “Virginia needs vocal leaders to come forward and stand up for these efforts when they come under fire in Congress.”

A breakout session to discuss next steps followed Congressman Connolly’s remarks. Groups were led by the co-sponsoring organizations, including George Mason Office of Sustainability, Sierra Club, Environment Virginia, Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions, George Mason Democrats, and Fairfax County Democratic Committee National Affairs Committee.

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