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CM Punk update: Is it legit? Did he really quit?


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Published Wednesday, Jan. 29, 4:32 pm
Filed under Wrestling News

cmpunkCM Punk is quitting WWE. No doubt you’ve heard that by now. But this is wrestling, and wrestling, as we all know, is nothing but a series of works.

So the question: Did he really quit? Or is this just the most elaborate work of all time?

Let’s just say, first off, that it’s almost certain that it’s legit. Let’s say 99.999 percent. But reading the tea leaves, there is a sliver of thought that this could be a work.

WWE, for instance, went to the level of unfollowing Punk on Twitter today. Gotcha. WWE doesn’t like CM Punk anymore. You can tell by looking at Twitter.

Punk has also been removed from the WWE.com events page listing upcoming live events. You know, because he quit, so he’s not going to be on any upcoming live shows.

Now insiders are spilling out stories to the dirt sheets spelling out how Punk was upset over his lack of push heading into Wrestlemania 30, that he didn’t feel like a program with part-timer Triple H was on par with his drawing power in the company hierarchy, that he felt that his buddy Daniel Bryan being left out of main event consideration was beneath him, too.

Got it. He’s upset.

He’s been doing interviews lately talking about how tired he is after 10 years of almost constant wear and tear on the road.

He’s upset, he’s tired.

The seeds have been planted for the biggest swerve of all time. hulk hogan joining the nWo is a squash match compared to this one.

The only thing that suggests that there’s no chance this is a work is that there’s no way WWE creative could create a storyline this realistic and sell it as well as this one is being sold right now.

Too much of what WWE creative does looks like wrestling, to borrow from Kevin Nash.

This is all too real, unfortunately for WWE fans.

CM Punk did quit. But wouldn’t it be cool if this was a work after all?

Column by Chris Graham