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Climate group: Virginia election shows tide turning on Dominion’s political power

virginiaMike Tidwell, executive director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, offered the following comment on the 2017 Virginia elections.

Tuesday’s Virginia election was not only a rejection of Donald Trump, it was a rejection of Dominion Energy and its radically pro-fossil fuel agenda.

The evening brought shocking wins in the House of Delegates for Democrats, the majority of whom have signed a pledge refusing campaign contributions from mega-polluting Dominion. Of the 16 House seats that flipped, 12 were won by candidates who took a pledge to reject Dominion money, as well as District 11 incumbent delegate Sam Rasoul who held his seat. Lieutenant Governor-elect Justin Fairfax also rejected Dominion’s money, a first for that office.

Dominion has had a stranglehold on Virginian politics for too long. But now the tide is turning on Dominion’s political power in the Commonwealth. This stunning election followed a groundbreaking shareholder meeting this spring, when 48 percent of Dominion shareholders voted for the energy giant to show how it would respond to global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions — an unprecedented challenge to Dominion’s de facto climate-denial business model.

It’s clearer than ever that Virginians want clean energy and climate solutions, not dangerous pipelines or dirty politics.