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retail apocalypse

Retail Apocalypse: How to survive 2018

Last year was the first year since 2009 that we saw the total number of retail stores in the United States shrink. By the end of 2017, retailers announced more than 8,000 store closures.


IRI survey results: Thirty-five million Boomers without retirement savings

From now until the year 2030, Baby Boomers will retire at the rate of 10,000 individuals per day. At which point, 73 million US citizens, or approximately 20 percent of the American population will be 65 and up.


Prominent VVP partner Amit Raizada invests in Team Echo Fox

Amit Raizada is a well-known investor and entrepreneur who has a legacy of impressive achievements. He is the founder of Spectrum Business Ventures, a company that has business interests in a variety of industries, including finance, technology, energy and eSports.

dominion energy

Dominion Energy announces fourth quarter, full year 2017 earnings

Dominion Energy today announced unaudited reported earnings determined in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (reported earnings) for the three months ended Dec. 31, 2017, of $1.4 billion ($2.25 per share) compared with earnings of $457 million ($0.73 per share) for the same period in 2016. 


Social media revolutionizing our world

Social media is loosely defined as a group of new kinds of online media. Social media allows participation, openness, conversation, community and connectedness. This is through its structure which is based on networks.

cigarette taxes

Georgia receives poor grades for tobacco prevention efforts

Recently, the American Lung Association gave the state of Georgia low marks on tobacco control across several categories. According the association, Georgia failed to decrease usage across the state, despite efforts to do so.

albemarle county

Albemarle County Finance Department launches online business tax portal

Albemarle County is introducing a new online portal for business taxes.

atlantic coast pipeline

Hundreds of Virginia residents going to work through LIUNA, community colleges pact

The Laborers’ International Union of North America announced a partnership with the Virginia Community College System to recruit and train Virginia residents to work on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project.


Virginia Law Foundation offers free content to pro bono attorneys through new pro bono portal

Virginia’s attorneys volunteer countless hours of free counsel to help fill unmet legal needs in their communities.  However, even with all these donated services, our “justice gap” remains formidable as over 80% of the civil legal needs of the poor in Virginia, and nationwide, reportedly go unmet.


Tenth annual ag trade conference set for March

The 10th annual Governor’s Conference on Agricultural Trade is planned for March 5 at the Richmond Marriott Downtown.

Workshop to help cattleman control harmful toxin

Virginia is home to more than 1.5 million head of beef cattle, and those animals are in danger of ingesting grass infected with a harmful toxin.

gas prices

AAA: Gas prices continue upward push

Consumers accustomed to seeing gas prices dip in January are wondering if, and when, that break will arrive at local gas stations. Local and national gas prices continued to climb this week, indicating that 2018 may bring higher gas prices compared to the year prior.


How to Learn Accounting On your Own

It is a known fact that the easiest way to learn anything is through practice. Accounting is a very important procedure for businesses whether it is a big business or a small business.

dinner diva leanne ely

Dinner Diva: Snacking keeps you fat

One of things I used to promote was eating 5-6 small meals a day. That’s right, you just kept that jaw chewing and your body in digestive mode pretty much all day.

atlantic coast pipeline

Atlantic Coast Pipeline receives final approval from West Virginia agency

The following is a statement by Dominion Energy spokesperson Aaron Ruby regarding the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s approval of the state’s erosion and sediment control permit for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.


Is medical laboratory science the right career for you?

If you love science and the human body but aren’t so keen on interacting with patients or cleaning up bodily fluids, a career in medical laboratory science could be just for you.

small business

The 10 best hosting companies for small businesses

Are you venturing into the world of setting up a business website? Not quite sure which of the hosting companies are the best for your situation? There are so many different hosting companies out there offering a wide range of services that it can be really difficult to decide on one hosting company.


How online bingo is reviving the whole bingo industry

Bingo has been a game that has been enjoyed for a very long time. Its origins can be traced all the way back to the 16th century when a very similar game was played in Italy.

home repairs

How to maximize the value of your property

If you’re planning on selling your property this year, one thing you’ll want to do is ensure you’re getting the best possible price. Thanks to the internet, you’ll find plenty of ways to maximize the value of your home.


How to choose the best freight service for your parcel

As both individuals and businesses we now ship more parcels than ever before and the choice of companies who offer delivery services is huge. Here we examine the factors involved in choosing the best freight service for your parcel.

forex trading

Not making money with your Forex trades? Here are four reasons why this is happening

When first starting to trade on the Forex market, you will need to have some patience. This type of trading will not make you a millionaire over night, but it can provide you with a steady stream of income.


Virginia Tourism announces Crush Friday grant recipients

Virginia Tourism Corporation will fund 25 local tourism programs for its “Crush Friday” program grant fund. “Crush Friday” is part of VTC’s ongoing efforts to support U.S. Travel’s “Project: Time Off” initiative, encouraging citizens to utilize unused vacation days.

self-driving cars

AAA: More Americans willing to ride in fully self-driving cars

American drivers are beginning to embrace self-driving vehicles, according to a new study from AAA. The annual survey reveals that 63 percent of U.S. drivers report feeling afraid to ride in a fully self-driving vehicle, a significant decrease from 78 percent in early 2017.


Can I engineer SEO for my firm? SEO for lawyers

Coming up with the right words to capture the attention of prospective clients is as easy as, well- it is not! Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is about far more than creatively crafting words together that will get your desired target market to not only see your product, but explore and utilize it.