Bitcoin trading, CFDs trading vs. normal trading

Bitcoin, which serves as a digital Currency of exchange, is usually distributed through mining operations. The process of mining usually involves making use of a specially designed set of hardware and software tools.


How to use a forex calendar

The foreign exchange market is constantly changing direction and moving back and forth. Sometimes these shifts are so frantic, they might seem impossible to understand.

How Facebook is strengthening its social media success

Facebook is already the biggest player in the social media space. In the first quarter of its 2018 financial year, Facebook reportedly added 49 million daily users around the world.

online gaming

Top tips for online gamers

Online gaming is shaping the way that the tech world works. Now, you no longer need to stay at home to get online and get gaming


Main business development trends in 2018

Today, modern marketing is following the path of digitalization. Internet technologies will set the fashion in 2018 and will have a significant impact on the company’s strategy when entering the market. So, what are the new trends for the market of Internet marketing in 2018?


Prepping for a military PCS to Hawaii

Once you have received the news of a relocation to Hawaii, it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed. One of the key areas that military service loved ones tend to focus on is how they will get their vehicle(s) from their current location to Hawaii.

marketing seo

Top 9 most effective methods for internet marketing

In the recent times, internet marketing has remarkably reshaped the marketing sector. Also referred to as e-marketing, digital marketing or web marketing, internet marketing involves all tactics used to promote products and or services over the internet.


Why you should limit your use of smartphones

There is no doubt that smartphones have become an integral part of day to day life for many people. Most of us feel lost when we don’t have our smartphone somewhere about our person and many people spend a huge amount of time each day on their phones.


Ways of ensuring that businesses have embraced IT support

The era of businesses operating in large offices is long overdue. Most businesses have embraced that emerging trend of shrinking their office spaces to their great advantage.


ICO vs. crowdfunding

ICO and crowdfunding have a lot in common: both are ways to raise funds for some project at the beginning stage when the business doesn’t have any finished product.


Global market study on pumps: Sales of centrifugal pumps to remain disproportionately strong for 6 more years

The centrifugal pump is an integral part of any system that needs to move fluids quickly from one place to another. They are used in the mining industry, water treatment plants, desalination plants and hundreds of other applications.

fitness exercise

Get the correct posture of the body

The human body consists of many vertebral columns to provide flexibility to the human body and to get the best posture for the body while sitting, standing and walking.


4 tips for running a business renting out your RV in Minneapolis

Do you own an RV that you only use once or twice a year and that otherwise just hogs up driveway space collecting dust?

recreational activities

4 potentially lucrative recreational activities

In the digital age of today’s modern world, more and more people are finding ways to do what they love and earn in the process.


Innovative ways to fund a new business

Are you hoping to launch a new business that will help you turn your dreams into reality? But do you find yourself lost when it comes to how you can go about getting the funding necessary to get your company off the ground?

protective workwear

The importance of protective workwear

Whether it be a simple sun hat or a state-of-the-art spacesuit, the need to protect ourselves whilst we work has been a concern since the dawn of human existence.


How laying down a 3D PCB layout is vital to the PCB design work?

Having a three-dimensional or 3D view of your PCB design is not a current or modern practice. In fact, it started long back with the emergence of PCB design tools.

flu season

Marketing strategies for your medical practice

In the past decade, the approach to marketing in healthcare has changed. The first thing patients do when they need medical assistance is search the Internet.

payday loans

Affiliate marketing programs in the business of finance

Due to certain financial crises that happen in this or that country, some households need to take loans. They suffer lack of finance to satisfy basic everyday needs. In US the customers’ demand for payday loans grew tremendously during the last years.


Top industry binocular review sites

In the current world where technology is advancing rapidly, the production of super binoculars is a full proof to show how production firms have strongly welcomed the modernization.


Top ERP solutions for your business

Investing in a reliable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is essential for a business to thrive in today’s global market. Many large businesses rely on an ERP in managing their operations particularly inventory, order processing, and production.

marketing seo

Dave Conklin explains how Augusta businesses can grow their brand through affordable social media marketing

Marketing on social media in 2018 is critical to a company’s success. But marketing guru Dave Conklin has discovered that the majority of businesses in Augusta have yet to maximize the potential of social media marketing.

online casino

Online casino winning tricks

If you are already tired of wandering the Internet in search of a way to earn money, learn the effective methods of playing in an online casino.

augusta free press

Read more about what #teamafp has completed recently

#teamafp launched a new website today for our friends at the Virginia Chili, Blues n’ Brews Festival. Check out the new website online at and let us know what you think.

health insurance industry

5 tech trends that will disrupt the health insurance industry in 2018 & beyond

According to report by Deloitte, the global health care cost is likely to increase at an annual rate of 4.1% in 2017-2021 as against 1.3% in 2012-2016.