GasBuddy: Virginia gas price update, outlook

Average retail gasoline prices in Virginia have risen 3.4 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $2.57/g yesterday, according to GasBuddy’s daily survey of 4,081 gas outlets in Virginia.

weather updates

Significance of knowing current weather updates online

Weather changes constantly, like everything else changes. These changes can make a huge impact in our lives. Knowing what the weather would be like for the day is a must.

business website

Three awesome ways to make your website better

When it comes to your business website you can’t afford to be messing around. This is something that can really make the difference between a business becoming hugely successful, and a company folding before it has the chance to succeed.

staunton virginia

Staunton Innovation Hub set for ribbon cutting on April 25

The Staunton Innovation Hub will be marking the ribbon cutting for phase one of its development project on Wednesday at noon.


Are there suitable materials for making biodegradable plastic besides corn and sugarcane?

Biodegradable plastic is defined as any form of plastic that can break down into its constituent components in the environment within days, weeks or months without leaving behind potentially toxic residue.


State agriculture secretary meets with aquaculture producers

As state legislators worked to reel in a viable state budget, Virginia’s secretary of agriculture and forestry received industry updates from aquaculture professionals.


MI Technical Solutions Inc. to expand IT support in Chesapeake

MI Technical Solutions Inc. (MITS), a professional engineering and technical services operation, is investing $100,000 to expand its IT and cybersecurity operation in the City of Chesapeake due to increased demand from the U.S. Navy, its largest client. The project will create 15 new jobs.

nose jobs

Nose jobs decline as we pursue new standards of beauty

According to a New York Times article dated 1999, young Jewish girls flocked to plastic surgeons to rid themselves of their “ethnic noses.” Dr. H. George Brennan is quoted as saying, “You had your bat mitzvah and you got your nose done.”

adjustable beds

News from the competitive market of adjustable beds

We’ve been closely following the developments in the mattress industry for a few years now. It’s fair to say that the market is interesting enough to expect a movie about it at some point in the future.

columbia gas

Save energy, stay safe this Earth Day and Arbor Day

Columbia Gas of Virginia offers these important tips for saving energy and staying safe during this month’s Earth Day and Arbor Day celebrations.


Four overlooked business opportunities that can benefit every professional

The modern marketplace is more cluttered today with new ideas, technologies, concepts, strategies, tips, and trends than ever before. Indeed, given the sheer amount of competition in just about every field, it can be difficult for young entrepreneurs to get a foothold in a new industry.


Five shrewd employment options for liberal arts majors

The weeks and months following college graduation can be some of the most stressful, exciting, and confusing times for young professionals. Indeed, trying to figure out where to apply for jobs, what industries to explore, and how best to secure a new line of work can be as draining as the actual job itself!


How charitable giving soothes the soul

Feeling good is not always easy. The world can be a crazy place and there are all sorts of terrible news stories airing around the clock. If you feel like you are drowning in the negative vibes, you might want to discover how you can break free and restore your faith in humanity.

sex hormone

A brief insight about the male sex hormone

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in the male body that plays a key role in developing reproductive tissues and promoting sexual characteristics.

How you can sell a book like a professional to different types of readers

Selling your book involves optimizing the entire process of marketing and advertising of your book, focusing on the right target audience, and narrowing on your strategy, which gets a maximum sale for your book. Let’s talk about a couple of steps.


Appian to invest $28.4 million to expand headquarters in Fairfax County

Appian, a leading low-code and business process management platform provider, will invest $28.4 million to expand its headquarters operation in Fairfax County.


How will the tax bill impact Medicare?

The Republicans have managed to pass the tax bill in the House and it was presented to Senate. There were thoughts that the Senate won’t hesitate much in approving the bill, too. But what does the bill have in it? How will the tax bill impact Medicare? 

Buying guide for the best goalkeeper gloves

Soccer! There are just too many enthusiasms related to this sport. And every soccer fans hope is mainly stuck to the goalkeeper of their favorite team. That’s because the goalkeeper takes more responsibility than any other player in the team.


AAA: Vehicles 10 years and older twice as likely to end up stranded roadside

As 64 percent of family travelers gear up for a road trip this summer, AAA warns that the majority of U.S. vehicles are at a higher-than-average risk for a breakdown.

Cadence Inc.

Cadence Inc. to be acquired by Kohlberg & Company

Cadence Inc., a leading provider of complex high-precision components and finished devices for advanced surgical and specialty industrial applications, announced today the signing of a definitive agreement to be acquired by Kohlberg & Company.


Hidden tax: Motorists pay $76 billion in 2018 in gas taxes

Against a backdrop of gas prices that have risen sharply in the last two weeks, motorists are sure to be upset: they’ll be paying $4 billion more in gasoline taxes in 2018 than they did in 2017. That’s $76 billion, or $208 million every day, up from the $72 billion total in 2017.

company picnic

How to host a successful company picnic this summer

A company picnic can be a great way to bring all your co-workers together in one place, so every member of staff can get to know one another on a personal level and have a little fun.

writing skills

12 activities to upgrade your writing skills to the next level

Perfect writing skills could be acquired only by constant practice and diligence. No one was born a great writer. Every person may become a writer if he or she is enough studious and decisive.


Six great reasons to book a villa instead of a hotel on your next vacation

When taking a vacation, the accommodation that you choose can make or break the experience. Whilst a hotel room can be a great choice for anybody who simply wants a warm bed and a clean bathroom for a few days, those wanting a little bit more from the place they’re staying in should consider booking a villa instead.

Greater Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce

Greater Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce presents women’s power conference

The Women of Influence Network Summit will take place at Mary Baldwin University on Tuesday, April 24th from 11:30 pm – 5:00 pm.