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Bob Goodlatte: Stopping unconstitutional immigration actions

goodlattefourinLast month, President Obama announced one of the biggest executive power grabs in American history. He declared unilaterally that millions of unlawful immigrants can stay in the U.S. without facing the consequences of violating immigration laws. Congress has not yet agreed on how to reform the immigration system, but the president has decided to ignore the Constitution and alter the law without new statutes. This is a slap in the face of the American people, who voted on November 4th to change the way Washington operates.

President Obama’s unilateral actions pose a danger to our government’s system of checks and balances and imperil individual liberty. Congress must fight to stop these unconstitutional actions from being implemented. Now that Republicans control both the House of Representatives and the Senate, we have more tools at our disposal to fight the President’s executive overreach on immigration.
Here are several actions I support taking to fight President Obama’s abuse of power:

Prohibit Funding for Executive Amnesty: Congress should prohibit and stop the use of funding from any source for the President’s executive amnesty programs.

Taking Legal Action: Congress should file a lawsuit to stop President Obama’s rewriting of our nation’s immigration laws in order to restore the separation of powers in the Constitution and to force President Obama to faithfully execute the laws of the land.

Support States Who Are Fighting the President’s Actions: Recently, 25 states filed a lawsuit challenging President Obama’s executive overreach on immigration. I joined the American Center for Law and Justice and several other Members of Congress, including Senator Ted Cruz, in signing an amicus brief to the federal court in support of the states’ lawsuit.

Pass Border Security and Interior Enforcement Legislation: Congress should pass legislation to secure our borders, guarantee the enforcement of our immigration laws in the interior of the United States by granting states and localities specific congressional authorization to pass and enforce their own immigration laws, and ensure that American jobs are preserved for citizens and legal immigrants by making employers use the E-Verify system to screen out unlawful alien job-seekers.

In the coming days and weeks, I will work with my colleagues in both the House and Senate to continue to fight the President’s unconstitutional actions. While opinions differ on exactly how to amend our immigration laws, one thing is certain: The president has no authority to make these decisions on his own.

  • Dave Francis

    is our fight. We have to stand our ground. If we don’t, who will stand up to King
    Obama and purportedly Conservative House Speaker John Boehner No one?

    Can you trust your elected officials? No.

    GOP hardliners are already dishonoring on their pledges and going back on their
    word, starting with funding of King Obama’s $1.1 Trillion Dollar nightmare. No
    cutbacks? Just the same old meandering road littered with pork projects. America is bleeding red,
    because we are subsidizing illegal aliens. It’s impossible to even estimate how
    much we have been spending on foreigners; their children under an irrational “anchor
    Baby” law. The Chain Migration policy based on applications of sponsors who
    sign an affidavit, which is not worth the paper it’s printed on? It’s never followed up and family members
    become dependent on the goodness of welfare programs. With your lifted voices we can fight
    this—take them head on right now before they veer completely out of
    control and into Obama’s pocket where all of the other puppets reside? What do
    these inept politicians give to the American people, more taxes to pay?


    with King Obama more benefits to pay for loyalty of the “deadbeats” and the
    votes—illegal or legal? Just don’t tell me there hasn’t been rampant voter
    fraud by non-citizens?

    You can count on the Tea Party. We have
    your back. Always have, always will.

    Tea Party doesn’t believe in handouts and lies and deceit. Nor do we believe in
    rewarding criminals with amnesty or terrorists with weapons and money.

    That’s because we believe in the same things: All the rights, Constitution,
    freedom, justice, God, guns and country. The TEA PARTY, is TRULY ‘THE PEOPLES’
    party that believe in the principles of the US Constitution. These political
    lawmakers splintering from the GOP Elites are fighting for limited government.
    This being the main concern, whereas King Obama wants us to rely heavily on
    very bloated government, so they have the power to control of us.

    the hundreds of billions of dollars in expenditures should be achieved for
    Americans—not illegal aliens—not the US Chamber of Commerce—not corporate
    welfare–not the majority of unions—not the special interest recruited from our
    own Congress—not the hundreds of lobbyists—not the wealthy donors—not the
    special interests—not the government grants given to radical minority groups as
    La Raza—taxpayers money should ONLY benefit ALL the American People.

    the big conspiracy began in the 1986 illegal alien amnesty, both parties have
    been telling us a bunch of lies, because both parties have colluded with
    businesses that demand the cheap labor armies, or the Democrats who want to
    undermine our Democracy by allowing non-citizens to vote and as proof owing to
    the contradictory evidence of denying positive ID laws to block illegal

    are so foully misinformed by the Liberal corrupted mainstream media that it
    takes an army to bring them up to speed on the truth. We can’t let them be led
    like Lemmings to the slaughter anymore. Out of the rhetoric darkness is a
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