6 employee perks to consider

businessCompanies should strive not only to attract the best candidates but to retain their most talented members of staff. Employee perks could, therefore, be the ideal way to attract the best people for a position, and ensure your staff do not leave your business for a competitor and pull their weight. Take a look at the following six employee perks to consider.

1. Healthcare Insurance

Healthcare can be expensive, which is why most employees might value this perk more than a pay rise. It is, of course, in your company’s best interest to ensure your staff are fit and healthy, meaning healthcare insurance could benefit both your business and employees. By investing in your employees’ health, you’re showing them that you care and are more than just a corporation.

2. Paid Vacation Leave

All work and no play will make your staff bored, passionless, and demotivated. Ensure they never want to leave your business by providing great paid vacation time, as they will jump at the chance to spend more quality time with their family and friends. You could even give your employees their birthday off, so they can celebrate their special day in style, rather than feeling unhappy at work.

3. A Gym Membership

Did you know that healthy employees can save your company money? That’s because they are more productive, feel happier, and are more likely to strike up successful relationships with their colleagues. For this reason, you should attract top talent by providing your staff with a gym membership. By doing so, they’ll save money on improving their health and fitness levels, and your business will thrive, as a result.

4. A Company Car

Running a car can be expensive. Not only do your employees need to buy a vehicle and pay for insurance, but they’ll also need to keep it topped up with fuel. You can guarantee you will attract the best senior talent in your industry by providing a company car as an employee perk. You could even help them to scrap their existing car and give them the cash for it. Find out more about how junkyards determine junk car prices via Junk Car Traders.

5. Additional Maternity and Paternity Leave

If you want to establish your business as a caring company, you should consider providing your staff with more maternity and paternity leave than required by law. This will prove to your staff that you encourage a work-life balance, as your employees will be able to spend more time with their children. They’re bound to be grateful to the business for allowing them to spend additional time with their family, so they’ll return to work with a stronger passion for the company and a new sense of purpose.

6. Free Food

Make your staff feel as if they’re in their second home when at work by offering free food. Your employees can then go to the kitchen to grab a snack, so they won’t need to leave the business to grab lunch or leave early to stop their rumbling stomach. Food can also increase employee morale, which can reduce your staff turnover. However, make sure you keep the snacks healthy; anything that’s processed or high in sugar will only cause your employees to flag by the end of the day. The aim is to keep them energized.

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